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    Filters - looking like painting

    So I have been looking in a facebook group and I came across this image. I knew for a fact that this was a photoshop rendered image to look artistically like a watercolor. the image was actually available as a free desktop wallpaper. The moment I looked at it I knew where it came from because I...
  2. W

    Question about color

    I feel embarrassed asking this, But I was wondering if there is an easy way to take a specific color (say red) and make a lighter or darker version of that exact color? Is there a "scientific" exact way to do this? So that the color in a piece is all the same red, but just different shades of...
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    Please Help style save issues

    I'm trying to save my layer edits for example I have a landscape picture which I have edited such as the brightness the curves and many other adjustments they are all separate layers but I'm trying to figure out if they is a way I can save these adjustments as a form of filter so I can add the...
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    How can I get this exact effect?

    Hello everyone, I would like to know how can I get the exact same effect for any picture. Thank you in advance
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    After Effects removing character from background

    Hi I wonder how to remove person, for instance from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGkCtAFiDK8&list=UUgg8yp2eFK2T4iPVs3rEsCA&index=205 and then replace him/her with other person dancing same song on green screen to look good. How to O.o also I quess lighting effects-good settings of it would be...
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    How do I get exact border around photo?

    Hello I am glad I found this forum. I want to get my photo to print with an border that is exact around the entire photo. The one's I am printing are not. The border on top and bottom of the photo are thicker than the border on the right and left. And the photo is not centered. I need it to be...
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    need to know how this picture was done!! help!! needs to be next to exact.

    ok so this thing wont let me post links untill i post five post so ill just send the link. so its at nopattern dot com (dot being an actual . lol) once your at the site look at the tab that says "art" at the top. click on it. then scroll and the forth one down on the left hand side is this...
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    How to do EXACT recoloring?

    Let's say I have a simple image with some text and a blue background, RGB (32, 45, 213) I want to recolor the image such that the blue background changes to a green background. I want the green background to be an exact colour, RGB (34, 176, 62) How do I get about doing that? Thanks.
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    Exact sizing of a circle path...

    Wondering how I might create a specific sized circle path by using the ellipse tool. I need to put a path on a dinner plate and would rather not use the pen tool...I try using the ellipse tool and hold down the shift key to get a perfect circle, but it's always trial-and-error to get the exact...