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  1. A

    Cool looking design for shirt! (skydive)

    After my previous job I realized we have another design we are working on - we want to do a few short sleeve and long sleeve tops in 2 different colour options (red/black, maybe a little grey) and green/white. I'm not totally happy with what the company has come up with themselves so wonder if...
  2. Roberts1010

    Name Logo

    I am a new author and would like a cool logo for my name. Wanda Harkins There are some really cool examples of others out there, but of course now that I'm looking, I can't find many of them, but I did find a few. Any creative minds out there like to give it a try? .
  3. U

    How to color highlights?

    Hey photoshop wizards, Do you have any idea how can I colour highlights in images like these examples:
  4. G

    Anybody know how to get the streak/lightning/fire effects in this picture?

    Anybody know how to get these effects? Any packs with them in it?
  5. U

    What's the best way to transform a photo into a simple cartoon/clipart?

    I want to create images like this from a portrait of a person. It doesn't have to look too realistic and the person has a very unique appeareance. Examples:
  6. Christopher Careaga

    Dave Hill effect?

    I have been searching for quite some time for instructions on how to achieve this effect on photos. What I have come across has either been extremely convoluted/difficult or hasn't worked at all. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. See examples here...
  7. S

    PS Gurus please explain with some live examples on the various blurs in Photoshop cc

    PS Gurus please explain with some live examples on the various blurs in Photoshop cc. There are plenty of features on this blurs filters and especially the blur gallery lot to learn out of it from experienced Gurus.Eagerly awaiting from the replies.
  8. Jenn Zed

    I was wondering ..

    Hello there, this is my first post other than my intro to this forum. So far I can see there is a lot of information and help already on offer which will be very helpful! I have a question about some Art Work I have seen on DeviantArt which I am certain is done purely through Photoshop, it is...
  9. M

    Scripting Where I can find photoshop script examples?

    Is it possible to find some ready Photoshop scripts? Where?
  10. H

    Help! old xerox print effect

    I would like to add an effect to some of my projects I'm currently working on in photoshop but I have no idea how. The effect I'm looking for is the effect you would see on an old CD cover. Everything is grainy and somewhat green and pixelated. This may or may not be a multiple step effect I do...
  11. IamSam

    Before and After Retouching....What's your opinion?

    The internet is chock full of Before and After Retouching images by common folk, Ps enthusiasts, and of course so called professionals. In this thread, I would like to get a good idea of what everyone's opinion might be on what they consider to be good examples or bad examples of Photo...
  12. R

    Help figuring out which filter or action this is or how to do this.

    Here are some examples of what I'd like filters to do: this is what an original photo looks like: could someone tell how this can be done, and if it is an action or filter, which one would do something like this? thank you.
  13. gohan2091

    Photo Insertion (2 examples)

    I had a go at inserting my brother into various pictures and thought I would show you two examples. I have pixelated my brothers face just in case he doesn't want to be shown. I am wondering what I can do to make this look more realistic?
  14. G

    Photograph watermark examples

    Hello, I'm looking to start watermarking my original photography that I send out as proofs. I want to create a noticeable but not obnoxious watermark that isn't easily photoshopped off or cropped out. So I am looking for examples. I've searched Google, but I'd like human response. If...