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exhaling smoke

  1. J

    Specific Requesting cigarette dangle and/or exhale

    Hello all. I do want to try to branch out into other interests and ideas for photo editing so this may be the last smoking related photoshop request that I post on here for now. I know I have the 'Specific' prefix next to my thread title but I would also want to encourage any editors to be...
  2. J

    Specific Please make her smoke

    Hi. Can someone please edit a cigarette between her fingers (or just make her drop the cigarette if possible, either way is fine with me) and have her blow a nice long stream of smoke from her lips to as close to the left end of the pic as possible? I think the angle here is just perfect for...
  3. J

    Specific Requesting smoke effect

    Hello all. Can someone please make this woman blow a thick stream of cigarette smoke from her lips? Preferably in the man's face if possible but just straight ahead is also fine. Any and all efforts would be greatly appreciated. :)