1. R

    Rock star portrait effect -- help?

    Hey! I'm wondering if someone can give me some tips on how to create this effect using a photo. I have a photo of someone that I want to edit to have the same effect as the portraits below. I have gone done a web of effects but it's all too complicated and layered and I'm sure you experts will...
  2. Alex Agapov

    Hi there!

    Hello everyone, my name's Alex and I joined this forum to seek advice and learn the art of digital painting. I have some basic skills, but lack practice and could still use an expert's guidance here and there. The forums look neat so far, hope to have a great time here!
  3. S

    Hello there.

    Hello, I'm a college student from New Jersey that likes using Photoshop as a hobby on the side. Most of my interests in Photoshop deal with creating animated GIFs. I imagine most of my posts will be about asking for help about certain GIF effects. So thank you in advance to any experts that I...
  4. M


    Hi everybody. I'm pleased to join to this forum. I hope find here answers on my questions with help of really Photoshop's experts and maybe my experience also can be helpful for somebody
  5. hershy314

    New Camera

    Finally able to get a new camera so I'm not having to use my phone as much. I'm looking at this one but I'm unsure what lens to get. I think this one will work...
  6. J

    Eye experts - I need your help!

    Hey everyone, My reason for posting is because I've tried everything within my own PS ability to edit the attached photo with very little success! It's also relatively urgent i get it fixed! :( So If anyone could please help me in any way and edit out the horrible reflection in the eyes in this...