1. gedstar

    Internet Explorer bug leaks what you type to sites

    This is why I never use IE :cheesygrin: More info https://www.ghacks.net/2017/09/28/internet-explorer-bug-leaks-what-you-type-to-sites/
  2. A

    The explorer

    Has been a while whithout doing a montage just for fun, so today i did something about it :cheesygrin:. Cheers!
  3. W

    Windows 10 upgrade -- Files in Explorer have "X"?

    So after upgrading to Windows 10, and opening up Windows Explorer, there is this Grey "X" on top of all of my files. What is that "X" and how can I get rid of them? Thanks!
  4. N

    Photoshop JPEG saves as PS?

    Hi, I don't know why but something happened recently and when I hit SAVE AS files, and try to make them JPEGS, even though they really are, they show up in the explorer as PS (see attachment). Even if I upload to wordpress or sny other software they don't show up with the image, they show up...