1. R

    Dragonfly extraction request...

    Hi Gurus - a friend asked me to use my (limited) Photoshop skills to remove the background from this picture of a dragonfly... I think you'll agree this is a pretty difficult (impossible?) task, but I would be grateful if any of you amazing Photoshop gurus can do something to maybe fade/blur...
  2. J

    Extracting peacock feathers

    I'm not entirely sure this is the correct thread to post in, but tried to get as close as possible, so apologises in advance. I photographed multiple peacock feathers (apart of a larger production) and I need to extract the in-between dead space to allow the other layers (and other peacock...
  3. K

    Eyedrop tool missing

    Hi. Thanks for looking into this. I use CS6 13.0 on OSX. My eyedrop tool is missing and I'm having a hell of a time displaying it. Can anyone help me out with this? Thanks
  4. M

    Extracting vessels from the fundus image of an eye

    We are trying to extract the blood vessels from a set of fundus images. The magnetic lasso tool and the quick selection tool don't give very good precision and take very long. We tried separating the green channel (for maximum contrast) and then selecting the vessels by colour range, but that...
  5. PhotoshopTrainingChannel

    Photoshop Training Channel Tutorials Thread

    Hope you enjoy this video. Any questions let me know!Thanks!Tutorial Asset Files:http://photoshoptrainingchannel.com/movie-poster-tutorial-bourne-legacy/Final Image:
  6. B

    How to load shapes into Photoshop?

    I'm trying to load vector shapes into Photoshop CS6 Extended and it's not working. I used this tutorial "Installing & Using Photoshop Custom Shapes"from the website ObsidianDawn, which I can't link in any way, shape, or form. I also used the unzip tutorial linked on the same page. I followed...
  7. I

    How do you extract channels from a black and white photo?

    Here is what I mean... One image has a red record, one image has a green record. How can I extract the channels of a B&W image (meaning it was never in colour).
  8. I

    How do you extract red or green channels?

    How do you extrect the red or green channels from an image to create the required different tonal values?
  9. S

    extract white form a picture

    so heres the problem, i want to extract all the white of this picture: how i can do this? thank you all.