1. gedstar

    Green Field

    Don't really know what this is :shocked: images from Pixelsquid and other places
  2. E

    My first Introduction

    Hi ! This is the very first time that I am visiting this forum and I am really hopeful that we will work in a real professional manner, let me introduce you myself, I have done MCS and I have vast experience of about 10 years in this field. I hope that we will make connections in the field. Thanks
  3. Eggy

    3D 3D RingWorld

    Can't help, I like sci fi. The atmosphere containment field was hard to do.
  4. M

    game board modifications

    Hello, i'm searching for someone who can help me improve my board game. I already made a first design of the game board, but my skills in illustrator are not quite good. Maybe you as a professional have a proposal how you can improve the game board. Maybe add are more realistic touch (to the...
  5. M

    New To Photoshop

    Hello, I've recently started re-using Photoshop and was wondering if anyone happened to have advice of how helpful knowing the software itself would be when entering either a web design or a gaming design field would be. (as in, how much better would it look on a resume, what all industry...
  6. E

    Creating a Portfolio

    What are designs classfied to make a good portfolio when you're starting on in the Photoshop field? I've gone through Behanced and that site just puts me in awe at everybody's talented creations. I really want to be able to upload somethings there too but would I put my own creations? Jobs I've...
  7. M

    Illustrator Depth of field effect in Illustrator

    I am learning Illustrator and I am trying to make this effect(road with depth of field): What would be preferred tool/technique to achieve this in Illustrator? Using Photoshop I could think of some way to do it with transformation effects like "perspective" or "warp"... But how to transform...
  8. W

    Samples of depth of field

    Couple of pics both have a 5.6 depth of field to diffuse the background and make the image pop out.a lot of practice is required to to get the technique right when doing birds in flight[BIF].I have been doing this for about 6 years.both pics are shot in raw and then edited in raw conversion and...
  9. ibclare

    Levels changing with noise (for star field) on black layer

    I'm not sure if this is the fright place, but . . . I am trying to crate first a basic starfield using noise to begin with. The initial step is, add noise, then levels. I got the effect I wanted in preview while applying level changes but as soon as I clicked OK, the effect disappeared and...