1. J

    Could somebody fix and maybe colour this picture please

    Its my mum and her sister.its her 75th birthday soon and would like the picture fixed thanks in advanced
  2. M

    Hi from North Carolina

    Hey my name is Melissa im from Wilmington NC.. I love seeing the amazing jobs done on photoshopped pictures also am hoping to get help with several pictures I would liked fixed either by editing my own or someone being nice enough to help me out Hope everyone is having a great day
  3. N

    can someone please tidy up this photoshop pic?

    Hi gurus! I'm wondering if anyone can fix up this PS job? The face of the girl in the dress has been photoshopped on but possibly not that well, can anyone help the process along? Not sure if this is something that is easily fixed without starting all over again but any help is appreciated. My...
  4. R

    logo edit

    Hi Guys Can anyone please help me with this logo. Just need to adjust edges of the two letter need to be smoother than now. The logo is r S. but the edges of each letter are looked like pixelated need to get that fixed. Rahul
  5. Z

    Unable to run "Actions"

    Greetings everyone. I am using PS6. I am trying to run an Action called "SandStorm". it gives me an error "The command 'clouds' is currently not available". Please help me getting this fixed. Thanks & Regards, Azaan.
  6. J

    Need some retouching/manipulation for a modeling shot

    Hi how's it going guys, I have a modeling shot that I really like and want to use, but there are some flaws that need to be fixed. I'll outline what I need fixed, and if anyone who's really good with photoshop could help me out, that would be great (for a service fee of course). First, I need...
  7. MoltresRider

    Photoshop 2015 Export NOT WORKING since update

    My Photoshop 2015 "updated" and now Export does not work anymore with any image! I ALWAYS get a blank export as dialog! EVERYBODY says that this problem was supposedly fixed in 2015.1.2, but this was never a problem until 2015.1.2! A bug that never affected me that was supposedly fixed in...
  8. M

    Help Needed! Super overexposed photo

    Hi! Wanted to see if anyone could possibly help me out with this photo. I am new to photoshop and not sure if this can be fixed? Any info or help would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Steve

    Log On Problems with Photoshop Gurus Site

    Some members may have had problems logging in today. We're aware of the problem and hopefully it's been fixed.
  10. MrToM

    CC 2015 - First Impressions...

    Perhaps this tells the story so far... Not very good considering its not even 5 days old yet. Personal experiences are not good. Note: The below is particular to my system and not necessarily the same for...
  11. admin

    Activity Points and Levels for Existing Users have been Calculated

    Some of you may have noticed that your points and levels were not reflecting past activity in the new Activity & Awards system. This has now been fixed. Activity Points and Levels for all existing users have been calculated. All user profiles should now display the correct figures. Activity...
  12. L

    Problem with Photoshop CS

    After loading a photo in Photoshop CS (Windows7), the program does not respond to the mouse commands. The boxes "minimize", "full screen" and "delete" on the top right side are not funtional. When I click on any of the first two boxes,(minimize or Full screen), the Style box opens up and show...
  13. M

    Glare Removal and Color Correction

    I have 10 Christmas portraits that you can see the glare from the lighting on the backdrop and some of the lighting is a bit dark. The he shadowing on her face is rather dark so lighting corrections to brighten up her face and under her eyes would be great. I Need them fixed within the week if...
  14. J

    Tie Fix - Dire Need

    Hi Everyone, I have a simple and hopefully quick fix. The tie was not adjusted in the picture and photographer did not pay attention to the detail and this picture will be used for the year book. I was wondering if somebody would be willing to take. I submitted a tie picture I had gotten...