1. T

    Specific "Fixing" a picture (removing a person and fix lighting)

    Hello, Since I´m not that good with photoshop, I was wondering if someone could help me out by editing a photo. I´m looking for the 3rd person from the left to be removed and to fix up the lighting (the guys on the right especially). If it is possible please place the 2nd person on the left...
  2. B

    Sun faded picture

    Can somebody help me fixing this sunfaded picture?
  3. J

    blending edges/ fixing color disparities

    hey everyone! im designing a sketch for an album cover right now and I have trouble fixing the transitions around the background areas since i created the frame very poorly as i now noticed :rolleyes: Is there a way to make the transition from grey to white more seamless? i havent found a way...
  4. U

    Reduction of haze in landscape images

    Hi - I took a photo of a very large expanse of land but the resultant image has a strong colour cast which I cant seem to improve to look natural . It also lacks contrast and is nothing like how the scene looked to the naked eye. Is there any quick way of fixing these isues in PS CC...
  5. B

    Fixing Chin Help

    Hi, please can I have a little help with editing this photo, I have slightly cropped the chin off the guy in the left of the photo. I was just wondering if there was anyway that I could use photoshop or can someone please help me with fixing it. I have uploaded the photo below: Here are some...
  6. pslane

    2 things that are bothering me

    1. Is there anyway to get around the popup box that says "no pixels were selected"? This bothers me when I want to make something really small into a selection. 2. My pen tool lines are tapered at the ends and I need help fixing this. Thanks!