1. G

    Ps memory problem

    Hi everyone! I'm new here, hoping somebody might be able to help me with a problem i'm having. I am not sure if this is normal, but my photoshop takes up a ton of memory after a short amount of use. Once it gets really high, I can't do some actions without it lagging a whole lot =( one in...
  2. Eggy

    Flipping horizontal or vertical

    It appears something changed since the last update to CC 2015.5.1. I used to be able to flip horizontaly or verticaly a specific layer part of a project. At a point I realized that I couldn't flip a layer on his own and that in the pull back of image/image rotation the command 'flip vertical or...
  3. joebeaven

    Batch Automation Batching Action Still Only Saves One File

    Hi, I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate and Photoshop CC 2015. I want to create two actions: one which resizes the image to 1600px wide and saves for web and another that does the same thing, but also flips the image horizontally. I want to be able to process a batch of all the images in a folder. The...
  4. Y

    full screen and flip

    Hi I'm new to working digitally but have bought a tablet and been trying to learn. I saw Painter and thought I'd give it a trial run as it's most suited to what I do. I watched a bunch of tutorials and when I'd finished the first thing I found was that I could not find an active forum for...
  5. R

    How do i flip the page??

    I am currently designing a simple questionnaire booklet that is simple half an A4 page that is folded in half presenting the following: Front page > inside - inside < Back Page I've designed the two inside pages but how do i turn it over so i can design the front and back covers and print...
  6. W

    how do I flip a Image?

    my picture is facing right I want to make it face left. How do I do that?