1. P

    need help with a few pictures

    Hi Folks Im looking for if possible 2 ppl putting in the same picture from 2 different pictures but not sure if this is possible, if it is then can someone please advice of costs please as need doing soon thanks folks
  2. C

    Hey Folks

    Hi Folks, Looking forward to finding out more about photoshop. I currently have basic skills which I use for my photo editing but I am looking to take this to the next level with yourselves. Thanks Cal
  3. dv8_fx

    Challenge 33 SUBMISSION THREAD - Winter Without Snow (Advanced)

    OK, folks.... upload your entries here. Please keep this thread clear of comments. You can engage in banter and hold discussions regarding the submissions in the Challenge Announcement thread ... Challenge 33 - Winter Without Snow (Advanced) Contest submission ends on Tuesday 19th January at...
  4. R

    Howdy Folks

    Hi from Canada Game and CGI artist I also host a website and youtube channel. Started with photoshop 3
  5. Y

    Hello folks!

    Hello Folks! I wasn't too prolific, so maybe you don't remember "Oh For Chrissakes!". Had trouble with my password, so I re-registered as "Yer KILLIN me!" See ya out there!
  6. J

    Hey guys!

    I'm Jacob. I'm from South Carolina. I'm a self taught photographer/designer that is trying to learn new things about Photoshop. Looking forward to gaining what knowledge I can from you folks!
  7. G

    Hello folks

    Hello folks, I am quite new to Photoshop CC but am really enjoying experimenting with it. Part of my day job involves me sometimes working our organisation's graphic designers and I'm mesmerised by what they can do. I am under no illusion that I will never come anywhere near to their skill...
  8. Shawn Gossman

    Howdy folks :)

    Howdy folks! My name is Shawn and I am new to this place. I have been wanting to purchase PS for many years now and finally broke down and got it since my student discount let me get it MUCH cheaper than without it xD I have to say that it was worth getting it and I am finding it both...