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  1. M

    Please help

    I need this picture to show Burt Reynolds dumping a plate lunch (pouring the food out) onto the ground. Thanks in advance!
  2. B

    Put Picture inside picture

    I need for someone to insert containers or food items into the black bag using the second bag as an example.
  3. R

    Create perspective on a layer

    I shot a food photo at 45° degrees and want to change the table bg. I downloaded something that I like but it was shot at 180° Did a good job of masking the plate but when I add the tabletop to the food the difference in angles is clear, Just spent a couple of hours trying to correct this but...
  4. D

    Gerber Baby food

    Hello! first post here. I've been trying to wrap my head around photoshop CS5 but am having a bit of trouble. I've got many ideas stored in my brain but am finding it hard to get down. One of the ideas I have in mind is to have my face ( old baby picture face) on the front of a gerber food...