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  1. C

    Wanting a 2024 The Force Awakens Dale Jr image

    I am wanting someone to make a panel similar to these. But I want this one to be 2024 "The Force Awakens" with a pic of Dale Jr, preferably with an american flag colored tinting to his face. Here is a good pic to use. Thank you!
  2. dv8_fx


    A big thanks to Paul for creating this challenge.... Challenge 35 - CREATE A DROID To all participating "MAKERS" ... Utinni!!! Welcome to PizzadaHutt's Junkyard - the place to upload your droid creations. All entries will be hidden and can only be viewed during the voting period. If you...
  3. D

    [Request] US Air Force pilots need help with flight suit patch redesign. Reward.

    Hi, I am an Air Force pilot, and we are looking for a patch for our class. We are training to fly new aircraft, and the patch is a huge part of our tradition. We have this example "Avengers" themed patch we like (see link at bottom), however we want it to look even better. Do you have a new take...