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  1. T

    Hello all

    Hi all. My name is Roy and I've just joined the forum today. I've been using Photoshop for almost 2 years now although I still feel like the functions I'm using are really just the tip of the iceberg. It's so vast and it's almost limitless what you can do, which is kind of mind boggling! I've...
  2. E

    Hello! Learning more and more everday...

    Hello good people of PS Gurus Forum! My name is Elizabeth and while I'm not new to the world of PS, I'm new to this fantastic forum. Along with the fact that I have recently realised just how complex Photoshop is. I've been using it for shameless entertainment since I was about 12 but only...
  3. E

    Question: Photoshop Practise Sites?

    Hello dear users, My name is Elizabeth and I am currently studying every detail of PS to embark on a future career with it. But I realised that while yes, I can watch many tutorials and memorise all the tools... I don't really grasp the concept if I don't create something with what I learned...
  4. N

    Hello I'm Nora

    Hi everybody, im new on this forum and very glad to be part of this community!
  5. I

    Hello from Africa

    Hello, I am Ibrahim from Algeria, i love photography, but i am a beginner in it, i own Nikon D5200 and 2 lenses 18-55mm and 35mm, also i own Photoshop lightroom 5. Hope to learn useful things in the photoshopgurus forum, also i hope to make some good friends. good luck for all
  6. agentmoeller

    forum functions...

    Is there a guide somewhere to how the forum functions? I don't know what the folded paper icon means next to a thread, sometimes it's blue; sometimes it's red. Any help anywhere?
  7. admin

    New Forum Features: Activity Points, Levels, Achievements, Awards

    We are pleased to announce that some major new features for the forum rolling out today. Photoshop Gurus Forum now has a system for Activity Points, Levels, Achievements, Awards, and Trophies. These will be displayed on user profiles and posts in the forum, along with a leaderboard. You may...
  8. E

    can you invert a mask in lightroom cc

    i know its a photoshop forum but i dont want to join another forum just yet although im starting to like the initial editing in lightroom , but i found that i cant invert a mask or at least i cant see a way to do it , if i want to adjust a large area id rather select a smaller area i dont want...
  9. admin

    Forum Software Update/Maintenance April 18, 2015 [Completed]

    We will be performing a forum software update this evening and will have about an hour of downtime. This update addresses number of bugs in vBulletin and should result in a smoother running forum. I'll let everyone know when the update is completed.
  10. D

    Hello Everyone !

    I just wanted to say Hello to everyone. I think the forum looks Great. Chris
  11. H

    Hello all

    hamski says hi the whole forum, here to learn from you guys. :)
  12. T

    Hello and a little advice please :)

    Hello, Just joined the forum. I look forward to learning loads from the gurus! :) I could use a little advice concerning placing (replacing) an existing image on a photograph of a book with a new image. Is it OK to post here or should I hop over to a different part of the forum?
  13. M

    Hello to the Gurus

    Hi, I'm Mark and I am just starting to use photoshop more regularly for my job. My skills are all pretty much self taught or learned from someone as I'm doing a project, and good for what I'm needing to do usually... There's often something I can't quite get right so I hope that this forum will...
  14. J

    Hi all from Sunny South Africa

    Hi All I am new to photoshop and have a lot to learn. Thanks for this forum.
  15. N


    Hi Everyone I mainly use Illustrator but there are times when photoshop is needed and i would like to learn more so interested to see what this forum will bring.
  16. M

    Hi My Name is Max

    Hi My name is Max and prefer to be called Dino. Everything I know of Photoshop is self taught. Looking forward to browsing the forum.
  17. J


    Hi I just joined, I hope this is the right kind of site for me. I am no Guru for sure. I am having a problem with my Photoshop at the moment and I am hoping I might find/get some help here on this forum. Off to have a look around. Cheers
  18. dv8_fx

    New Year, New Moderator.

    This New Year's Day, PSGurus is proud to announce the promotion to the rank of Forum Moderator of..... Zeealex A familiar face (or avatar) here at PSG, she has agreed to help out everyone in the forum in any way she possibly can. This promotion goes with all the rights, privileges...
  19. R

    new member form south of France

    Hi everyone, I'm ReM, 38, french photographer I'm from Perpignan - south of France and I found the forum this morning. I'm very happy to post here. See you
  20. J

    Lightroom in PG

    Does the Forum deals with Lightroom CC?