gif animation

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    Is it possible to change eye colour in gif?

    Like above. I tried to make it layer by layer, but they start overlapping. Is it even possible?
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    Moving Hair Like a Saiyan *.*

    Hello, I really like this pic a friend of mine made this for me it's like a saiyan :lol: I just want to ask if its possible to make its hair move :cheesygrin: If its hard maybe you can giff me a tut on how to do that, im new in photoshop i would really appreciate your help
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    Help, when I try to play the gif I made, it only displays 1 frame

    I made a gif and saved it as a .gif, but it isn't playing like a gif should. When I go to play it it only shows 1 frame. Can somebody please fix it for me and explain what you did. EDIT: Attachments for this site aren't working so I put it on mediafire...