1. X

    Hi :)

    Hello :) I've recently started to get back into Photoshop and photo-manipulation art - both for my job as a gallery assistant and for my personal art. I've used both the old Photoshop (v. 6.0!) and the new Adobe Photoshop CC as well as GIMP. I hope to learn lots and make new friends on...
  2. F

    Photoshop Request

    Hello forums,can you help me out i only have gimp on my laptop and i dont have photoshop.I need only the girl in this photo,so if somebody can remove the background(and make it transparent) i would be thankful because when i try to do it with gimp i always mess up her hair,pieces of white...
  3. L

    GIMP Brushes to Photoshop Brushes

    So I have a couple nice brushes from GIMP that are in .gih or .gbr. How I can get those brushes to .abr and use them in Photoshop CC 2015?
  4. M

    Scan line effect - Replication help

    Hey guys! Just got myself Photoshop CC, and I must say its real confusing at first glance (previous GIMP user). Does anyone know how to reproduce the white lines in the image attatched? In GIMP there was a remove every other line effect, and with this project I want the lines to gradually get...
  5. MoltresRider

    Converting Gimp Gradients to Photoshop Gradients?

    Converting Gimp brushes and Gimp patterns into Photoshop brushes and patterns is fairly simple, open the Gimp brush or the Gimp pattern as an image in Gimp, export as png, open in Photoshop, define the brush or pattern as a brush or pattern. Gradients, however; you cannot save then as a regular...
  6. J

    could you do something like this on gimp?

    Can you do something like this on gimp? I'm wanting to design a logo for my ejuice bottles similar to thesE designs.
  7. benjaminjones

    Photoshop vs. GIMP

    Hi, I am a total newbie to photo editing. As such, I don't have a lot of money to invest in photo editing software. Basically, I just need to be able to create and edit photos for my website, like thumbnails, header images, etc. Since GIMP is a free photo editing software, would it suit my...
  8. iDad

    Gimp Help Please

    A bro wants it, Where is it available and is it free? I've never tried it Who makes it Any tips appreciated, I know this is PS but I've seen ads and talk on here about it.:thumbsup: any links for download I can send him, He uses Windows
  9. Z

    some old GIMP wallpapers i did (crap alert)

    this is just so you know how happy i am to be a member of the community here, i've learned allot from you guys. this is from earlier this year, bout may-ish i know, terrible huh? XD don't worry say what you want, but i think from joining here, i've broadened out my skills and learned new...