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  1. ibclare

    Challenge: Do You Wanna Spring or are You Warped

    OK, I made this warped challenge because I just couldn't think. I figure I better get moving whether I have a good idea or not.. So . . . Do you look forward to spring? Did you have nightmares about it when you were a kid? Do you really wish there were no seasons at all? Does it give you the...
  2. B


    Hey I was looking for some help. I've been trying to re-do my existing logo but I'm having a hard time with it. I just haven't found that spark of inspiration or the path I need to be on. To be honest I don't even know what I want it changed to. I just want it...sharper. more dynamic, more POP...
  3. J

    Where to begin?

    As a brand new member to this forum and to Photoshop it'self maybe I'm giving myself something to big to start with. What I hope to do, is to edit pictures of my family's faces onto Disney characters. (This goes back to an old joke we used to have in our family.) Only I don't know where to...
  4. D

    New guy from Manchester UK

    Hello there Guys and Girls I'm new here, just in case you hadn't realised. I'm very much a beginner here rather than a "Guru". I'm here looking for help and guidance. I figured this would be the place to start. My first question is Can anyone point me in the right direction of a good website...
  5. M

    Folding image with effects

    The topic pretty much says it all.... but i will provide with an image to give people clear idea as to what im looking for..
  6. C

    HI from Cannibal Carlos

    my name is CannibalCarlos im a streamer/youtuber new to the whole thing and really bad with photoshop. i found this website and it looks legit and all the art ive seen done for others looks really nice as well so i figured id give it a try :)
  7. Paul

    First lady manipulation

    Been a while so thought i would give her a makeover:mrgreen:
  8. F

    Img Editing Request (Fixing BG)

    Hey, So my friends and I are doing a project for our history class, in which we will give a speech and run a green screen news telecast video. One of the the actors in our videos is going to play the president and give a speech. I basically need a background to put behind him. I was wanting...
  9. F

    And now for something completely different

    As a teenager, I used to draw a lot, people liked my drawings too. So when I was 15, I applied for art school (regular day school) and made it through two days of testing. However, I was not really talented enough and I gave up at 18, being in my second year for the second time. But I always...
  10. E


    Hi I don't consider myself a digital artist by any means. am an illustrator! I have been commissioned to design a jewell CD cover. What are the standard dimensions for the designs themselves so they don't get cut in printing etc. Can someone give me a good template for this and some much...