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  1. P


    Hi, my name is Petronella and I am looking forward to exploring this forum and hopefully find guidance with a few issues :)
  2. Pipsmom

    Faded picture

    Got a tough cookie to crack with this picture. I've read and read on here and applied different techniques...channels, shadows highlights, saturation, multiply......and the noise! oh my goodness the noise..... but nothing is working the way I want. Can you guys give me some guidance bringing...
  3. Z

    Text effects how to ? Needed Gurus guidance !!!

    hi am attempting a text effect and i am sure its gradients effect and i also tried to make it similar .But i missed out most of the thigns involved in the effect .Any proper guidance or a tutorial by gurus will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance cheers Zoe
  4. K

    Wanna be/hope to be

    Hi everyone, I have been taking some really nice photos over the years and have gotten some great feedback - even offers to purchase prints. I know that I need to develop my PS skills. I have fun taking photos and I make the usual oops's. I'm looking for some guidance and advice on how to get...
  5. T

    Creating 3 resized images from 1 file, and saved in same location.

    I am trying to create an automated way to take 1 RAW, and save 3 resized jpgs in the same location. I am having trouble with file name over writing issues within the action. Should I create 3 individual Actions, and then make a way for an image/batch process to play them simultaneously? Or is...
  6. Alex Agapov

    Hi there!

    Hello everyone, my name's Alex and I joined this forum to seek advice and learn the art of digital painting. I have some basic skills, but lack practice and could still use an expert's guidance here and there. The forums look neat so far, hope to have a great time here!
  7. A

    Typing Chinese fonts in photoshop

    hi... I don't know if I am in the correct forum. How do I type Chinese fonts in photoshop? At the moment, I use CS3 and CS 6. Thanks for your expert guidance.
  8. D

    New guy from Manchester UK

    Hello there Guys and Girls I'm new here, just in case you hadn't realised. I'm very much a beginner here rather than a "Guru". I'm here looking for help and guidance. I figured this would be the place to start. My first question is Can anyone point me in the right direction of a good website...
  9. A

    Hello every one

    I am Lawai from Malaysia. I am new here. I am a serious amateur photographer and am using Photoshop CS3 and CS6. Photoshop is a God sent tool to improve digital photos. However, it is rather tricky to fully understand and utilise the tools. Of course, with all your help and guidance, I can...