1. N

    This is so frustrating. Is this a simple fix??

    So, I had a good feel how to have my website functioning. Unfortunately, when I went to present my prototype in my web design class, the slices were visible. My professor insisted that's the reason we use DIV boxes - but I don't have time to figure those out. Is there anyway I can successfully...
  2. E

    Can we hide scrollbars without changing the view?

    Hey everyone. I have been using PS with my Cintiq to draw, and my forearm sometimes hits the scrollbar. I want to hide them if possible, but keep all of my tool Windows open. I couldn't find an option for this, so just looking for some help. Thanks.
  3. V

    Please help me to hide my shower box

    Hi to all, I'm a real newbie with photoshop and I hope someone can help me. I have to hide the shower box you can see in the photo at this link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/24412765/DSC_0084.JPG I've tried using the vanishing point filter but it's really too hard for me. You can see what...
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    run and hide!

    mum is thinking of joining here she will be known as zeealice so if any admin see that name turn up it's her. and she speaks her mind allot more than i do so run and hide.
  5. S

    Photoshop CS4 Hide layer dont work as expected

    Hi, i have installed on my PC (Core 2 Quad 2.66 2GB RAM 500GB HD) the photoshop CS4 few days i was worked normally on it, but today when i open a file with 14 group layers on it, when i hide a group layer with the eye icon on the layer pallete, is supposed what that group of layrs must be hide...