1. L

    Gloss effect on images

    Hi again. I'm trying to make a flat looking image of a headboard look a little more realistic by adding a gloss to it. Is there a way to add gloss or highlight in photoshop? I have tried the dodge tool with no success. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  2. E

    Highlighting an area.........

    I have a picture of a list of names on an aircraft, id like to highlight one in particular, Mine. so im looking to darken the whole picture and highlight my name. How can I do this? Do i have to create another layer, darken the whole image, then merge the two, then erase over my name so it...
  3. English_Wolf

    How to customize a brush so that it...

    Well.. I am able to create my own customizable brushes BUT I want more, WAY more. :eek: I want a brush capable of picking up a pixel or a few and transform it/them into a bokeh, JUST WHERE they are. The only tutorials I found are about making brushes, customizing them to do what ever but they...
  4. S

    How to do this?

    How can I make this multi-color effect around the guy of this photo, and in the word of the "highlight" logo? Thank you in advance. :)