1. B

    Logo help please!!

    Probably many wont even bother with this but i'll give a shot! So I really need a logo for this pub... Can you please crop the " St. Andrew's Scottish Pub" out of the glass and background? [ If it's impossible or way too hard to do can you at least make something similar as a logo? Some...
  2. C

    can somebody make this castle look a bit spooky for my school project?

    please just use your imagination and make it look a little bit spooky or scary. any help would be highly appreciated :)
  3. dv8_fx

    Announcing our newest forum administrator........

    We are proud to announce and introduce to everyone our newly promoted FORUM ADMINISTRATOR.... IamSam :wave2::wave1: IamSam has been with the forum since September 2012. Highly motivated and knowledgeable in his craft, Sam is always friendly, helpful to new members and has greatly...