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Retired Administrator
We are proud to announce and introduce to everyone our newly promoted FORUM ADMINISTRATOR....



IamSam has been with the forum since September 2012. Highly motivated and knowledgeable in his craft, Sam is always friendly, helpful to new members and has greatly contributed a lot to the forums.

Congratulations Sam on a well deserved promotion.


Thanks everyone and especially thanks to admin and dv8_fx for their confidence in me, it's greatly appreciated! I will certainly do my best, and as always, I will rely heavily on their continued guidance.

This forum is a passion of mine to which I'm heavily devoted! I do my very best to be as helpful as I can in answering inquiries and this will never change. This is a great forum with great people and what I think is the absolute go to measure for Photoshop knowledge on the internet! It fills a need of being an invaluable source of information and support for like minded people like myself who are imbued with Photoshop and I'm glad to be apart of it and contribute in any way I can.
What utterly fantastic news! The forum could not have done better! A BIG Congratulations to you, Sam! Your technical knowledge, helpfulness, tact, patience, ethics, insights into human behavior, etc. etc. all are just outstanding and will help the forum in many ways.

I just have one recommendation to you: you are already working hard enough - don't burn out - we want you around for a long, long while.

Sincerest best wishes,

Tom M
I just have one recommendation to you: you are already working hard enough - don't burn out - we want you around for a long, long while.

Thanks Tom and I hear you. Like the rest of us, while it may appear that I'm always logged on to the forum, I'm certainly not always parked in front of the computer! I do take the time to do what I need to get done. Remember also that I work 3 days a week. And on those days I don't even monitor the forum until I get home. It's kid of hard to do when I'm scrubbed in almost all of that time!

I vehemently trust and rely on all of the other forums core members to do as they have always done and that's to provide the best possible help when needed. I'm just one little aspect of this forum.

If ever I feel that "burn" coming, I will certainly take some time off and away from the forum.