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  1. W

    Hi everybody, I am Will : )

    Dear everyone, My name is Will, I am an industrial designer from Berlin. So I mainly take product pictures. I've always been using photoshop throughout my studies, but I am digging a little bit deeper right now. So I thought I'd better reach out and contribute to the forums myself : ) Excited...
  2. dv8_fx

    Typing and posting issues with a Tablet....

    Its never been reported but I was wondering if any of you tablet users are experiencing browser issues, erors or requiring to restart browser apps while tapping out replys in this forum.... I'm using Firefox, Opera and tablet's native browser on an older Galaxy Tab. Something that I never did...
  3. M

    Photoshop issues

    Hello guys, I have a bit of problems with any adobe program in my computer. It just looks very big, I just bought a new computer with a 4k screen and I read in some forums this is the problem but I dont know how to solve it. Can someone help me? Thanks.
  4. dv8_fx

    Announcing our newest forum administrator........

    We are proud to announce and introduce to everyone our newly promoted FORUM ADMINISTRATOR.... IamSam :wave2::wave1: IamSam has been with the forum since September 2012. Highly motivated and knowledgeable in his craft, Sam is always friendly, helpful to new members and has greatly...
  5. dv8_fx


    TO ALL PARTICIPATING MEMBERS..... As an incentive to those who take part in the ADVANCED Challenges, the winning entry will be featured in the forum's Facebook page as its cover photo image. For those taking part in the BASIC Challenges, the winning entries will be uploaded into the FB...
  6. M

    Consolidate Forums

    Hello, I've just received excellent help from admin and IamSam and would like to show my thanks by offering you my first impression. You have a "General" and "Newbie" forum. Now I looked, and both of these get great traffic, but not to a suffocating degree requiring them to be separated. When...
  7. P

    Hi ... my name is Poppie and I live in South Afria

    I am new to forums and to Photoshop.
  8. dv8_fx

    It's HOOGLEDAY....

    The Staff and members at PSGurus would like to wish our SSM (Single Senior Moderator) :cheesygrin:, @Hoogle ..... :wave1:A SWINGING, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!:wave1: HIT IT, GUYS ...... :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy: ....... A big thanks to you for years of service, helpfulness and activity in...
  9. Aeit

    Another one beaks the ice!♪♫

    よ! Im new to the forums but not to PS, i'm using it very often for almost everything but i'm self learner like most of us probably. Would like to join forums and get some advices since there's no official forum with active community beside this one i guess (well not mention Adobe community which...
  10. Alex Agapov

    Hi there!

    Hello everyone, my name's Alex and I joined this forum to seek advice and learn the art of digital painting. I have some basic skills, but lack practice and could still use an expert's guidance here and there. The forums look neat so far, hope to have a great time here!
  11. A

    Hello! I am Antonio

    Hi! I am Antonio and I am new to these forums but not new to photoshop. I have been using photoshop CS6 for a while now and I look forward to learning new things from the people on these forums.
  12. J


    What's up guys and gals? My name is Justin. I live in Alabama. I'm looking to get into some graphic designing. Hoping to learn alot on the forums
  13. M

    Noob just arriving.

    Hey everyone, Im Matt, 25, from Florida. I currently live in the UK for work (military) and have started getting back into PhotoShop. I was doing it for a while but stopped for some years, now I'm looking to get back on the saddle. Hope I fit in well here and learn a lot from everyone in the...
  14. dv8_fx

    Christmas 2014 Adventskalender Freebies

    It's the Christmas month and one of the most awaited months in the graphics world. A time when the Graphics community share Christmas freebies to its members and visitors. The following are some links to graphic sites and forums from all over the world. You may have to be a member at some...
  15. M

    hello from FL

    great forums, im really glad i found this, my name is mike!
  16. BestiaDelRio

    Hello forums,

    Hello folks, I started Photoshop 2 months ago and started joining some forums like Tnxz!
  17. D

    New to the forums

    I happen to stumble across this forum during my beginning photoshop class trying to find an answer to something. Anyways, I've been playing with Photoshop since 2005 and started with CS2. So lately, I decided I wanted to try and take my photoshop skills and start my own small design...