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  1. S

    License Plate Photo for Hit and Run Victim

    Hello, A driver hit my vehicle and drove away. a witness left a note on my vehicle with his phone number. I contacted him and he was able to send me a picture he took but I cannot make out both the license plates because of the glare. Can anyone please help so I can give to the police so we...
  2. Pipsmom

    Apple Update

    Apple computers are being attacked by the virus now also and already hit many. Check for your New update and get protected
  3. Q

    logo help

    I really need help designing a logo for a small startup business called black cotton, but I've hit a wall and need help with ideas. Anything would be appreciated please. The sketches on the right is the best of come up with too :( .
  4. L

    Can anyone help me edit this?

    Hey all. My friend has been asking me to edit a photo for him, but I'm still bad at editing. Can anyone please add a car to the background? Make it so that it seems he's about to get hit. I'm sorry if the image quality is bad, I will ask another one if this one is too hard. Thank you so much in...
  5. T

    Odd stuff in CS6

    Just started using CS6 Was typing in a title John : Age Two When I hit enter it rearranged itself to : John Age Two I then tried a subtitle, (1959) When I hit enter it changed to ()1959 I would dearly like to know wht's going on here.
  6. O

    Adobe Camera Raw cancel button and validation dialog box

    On one of my computer, whenever I hit the cancel button in Camera Raw I get the «Cancel all changes, including changes to non-selected images?» dialog box. So, at least, I can save my work if I hit the button by mistake. However, on my other computer I get no dialog box when I hit the cancel...