1. S


    Hey all, Just stopping in here to say Hi!!!...... I'm the noob :) Scott
  2. L

    Hair Colour

    Hiya, wondering if anyone is able to change my hair to ginger/redhead. Thank you
  3. A

    Can someone please remove the red bucket in the background please? Thanks!!!!!!

    Hiya, Can someone please remove the red bucket in the back of this picture please? Thanks!:)
  4. B


    Since I just joined, I thought I'd make a short intro thread. I have hundreds of old family photos that needed restoring and I saved the hardest ones for last. I know the basic tools in photoshop, but I'm having a hard time trying to fix the badly damaged photos. I am not sure where to start...
  5. TiMmY


    Hi, I'm Tim. Obviously I'm new to this forum. Well, I'm 16 and like to do photoshop/web design I've got a website on the way and hope I can better my slightly amateurish photoshop and maybe learn a few tricks which I can use to help my site. :cheesygrin:
  6. L


    Hey, new to photoshop. Hope I can get better. Im pretty bad haha.