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  1. P


    Hello! As I'm sure you can gather from my username, I'm completely new to Photoshop. Live in England and thought this could be a good way to expand my photography hobby! Looking forward to learning as much as possible
  2. G

    Geoff from UK

    Hello to everyone on the forums Have been using Photoshop in one form or another (along with Lightroom) for several years now for my photography hobby and am hoping to learn a lot more from you guys! Regards, Geoff
  3. I

    Hi there :)

    Hi guys. I've been reading the forum for a long time and now I decided to join. I'm enthusiast and Photoshop is my favourite hobby. I believe I could learn so much here :) and I will be glad if I'm capable to help someone ..
  4. B

    Hello, gentlemen

    Hello, everyone. I'm new to Photoshop and graphic design, but I intend to go back on drawing (hobby of years ago) and work on graphics for my own games (current hobby :mrgreen:). Hope to learn a lot from here.
  5. K

    Hello :) From Cali & new!

    Hi everyone! (Hoping I'm not spamming by doing two intros, did one earlier but I don't think it got saved.) Recently came across Photoshop Gurus when I had a question about Photoshop. I'm hoping to learn more about Photoshop as a hobby. I've just gotten a job, and told my boss that I had...