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  1. chrisdesign

    Mercedes 350 SL 1980 "Restoration"

    When I opened this barn, it was hard to tell that this was a Mercedes car. I had only one thought, I had to do what ever was necessary to restore this car to its original state. After a few hours of Photoshop work it looks brand new again. Before After
  2. F

    a simple question of colour ?

    i have a very simple image consisting of two boxes filled with two different colours how do i adjust these so that they are of equal tonal value ie if they were grayscale they would look identical sounds simple but i've spent two hours trying to do it and eyeballing is the best answer so far...
  3. hershy314


    Messing around with some setting on my phone and this is what I came up with. This is 530 pics taken 20 sec. apart made into a video. Kind of like a time lapse. This probably shot for a couple hours, but after editing it came out to be around 12 seconds long.
  4. A

    Need help with graphic

    Can someone recreate this graphic for me? I've tried and come close but it doesn't look as good. Also took me almost 2 hours.
  5. MikeMc


    darn....that is nice...I really wanted to say something else. Working on a retouch project...Normal spots and crud, normal fixes. About 2 hours into working L to R I got to this pinstriped suit...Spots everywhere...any ideas to save me a few hours to get rid of those spots??
  6. Paul

    Three hours work

    Ok this as been a love affair all afternoon for me, i tried to re theme lady ga ga and little red riding hood. Critique please. Before and after...
  7. M

    Need quick photoshop done in the next 4 hours

    Hi, I'm looking for someone to modify an image and make it look a little bit realistic.. very minor help.. In short, i have an image of a bag- see attached, i need to put speakers and solar panels on it. BUT I NEED REPLIES URGENTLY thanks