1. C

    How was this background effect created?

    It looks like the shoe itself was photographed and then placed in the foreground. The background image was then created e.g. with a gradient, shading, compositing the product in and recoloring the bottom magenta. Then I'd guess it was put through a filter of some sort, but I can't really...
  2. E

    Help with a certain font

    i need help to identify a certain font or at least something fairly close to the exact font im look for the font that Steppenwolf uses such as the font on this shirt hope your able to help thank you very much in advance
  3. F

    Please help me catch these noisy individuals

    Hi, I haven't moved yet but one of my cameras detected motion and took some snapshots... I was wondering if anybody here can help me identify the faces as the camera was not placed correctly during the event. Thank you in advance.
  4. T

    Pop Quiz 2: Which Woman Isn't the Same Woman.. Photoshop Used?

    So this one is a little different than the first quiz, maybe not quite as Photoshop oriented, but because minor photoshop may have been used, I'm going to post it nonetheless.. The next Quiz will be a more pure photoshop quiz, this one is more facial recognition. The question is this: Of the...
  5. Q

    need help identify fake picture.

    Hi Experts, Can somebody tell me is this photo fake or real?? Really appreciated. Sam