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image editing

  1. N

    How to make design to have realistic woven/knitted effect?

    Hi everyone, I would like to turn any design in a way that it looks woven/knitted exactly like this image below: As you can see, there is a knitted effect on top and the design itself looks kind of...distorted or pixelated? I don't really know the exact word to describe it. But I did attempt...
  2. souravjns

    Need High Quality Product Images

    I am in need of some High Resolution product images to edit and submit on my website. I could do this by my own, but I don't have photography knowledge and have not a good camera. I need images to edit and to upload to a eCommerce Image Editing service website. Can anyone share photos with me?
  3. V

    How to remove strokes from jpg image

    I have a jpg image on which my friend marked strokes using MS Paint software. I want to remove those strokes from that image using PS CS6. Image attached.... for reference How can I get my original image back??? Need advice and suggestions. Thank you all in advance.
  4. Clippingworld

    Raster To Vector

  5. C

    Image Quality Enhance HELP!

    Hi Guys, first post in here is I feel a bit cheeky but I massively need some help! I recently started my own clothing company and decided to go for the highest quality print which is screen printing, however my images are according to the printers are not as high quality as they could be, they...
  6. C

    Merging 2 images to create New One

    Hi There, Attached 2 pictures. One is a Sun and another one is a space ship. I would like to remove the background of the spaceship and to place only the space ship in to the sun image as if the space ship is coming around the sun. And also the new image size will be Height: 1000 pixel and...
  7. L

    Photo editing help

    Hello Hello! So this is a photo of a father and son.I was asked to photoshop them together for a birthday present. I was given the photo on the right to be added with the photo on the left. What suggestions do you have to make it look less photoshopped? I'm going to work on the background so...
  8. E


    I'm creative image editor. I'm here to share my professional experience in image editing.