1. R

    Help with tutorial

    Good night friends, how are you? I'm new here, so if I'm doing something wrong, I'd like to advance my apology for my mistake. Guys, I'm trying to do a tutorial and I locked it up part, and I need your help. I do not know if it is my English that is bad, or if I did not understand the tutorial...
  2. C

    Hi Everyone!! Glad to be here

    Hello, My name is Cristina and I am very excited to have found this forum. I have been photographing my 4 children for 11 years and I have decided to branch out. Friends recently asked if I could photograph their family so I am looking forward to improving my photography and perhaps taking on...
  3. J

    Help needed improving picture

    Hi All, I need some help with improving some family pictures. I can do some basic editing but I can't get these done right. Could anyone guide me on how to improve the picture below. I tried the De-haze feature and played with all the filters but no results were satisfactory. Thanks in...
  4. L

    car logo swap

    hey, i really like this logo but id like it more with a different car. if someone could swap it with a bugatti chiron or ferrari f50 i would really appreciate it. also improving the quality is greatly appreciated. thank you so much in advance!
  5. Y

    Traveling and improving photography

    Hey, I'm Tobi from Germany and traveling a lot recently, currently through North-America. I always take 100s of photos without paying much attention to quality. I'd like to start the journey of improving all skills related to photography and part of it surely should be postproduction in form of...
  6. mdyusuf

    Question: Drop Shadow Work ?

    How I am improving drop shadow ?
  7. A


    Hello all. I am a graphic design student. I have taken two quarters of Photoshop but I know that I have only scratched the surface of what I can do with Photoshop and I look forward to improving my skills. I have a particular interest in restoring old photographs. Thanks!
  8. M

    Request. Improving Resolution of a picture.

    Hi, Can someone please increase the resolution of the picture. Thank you very much, Mike.
  9. N

    Help improving photo

    Hi, new to forum and was wondering if anybody could help me.....replaced the head on the attached photo and would like to use this for an employee presentation. Any thoughts as to how I can make it look a little more real? The employees are going to know that it was photoshopped, but still...
  10. M

    Improving picture resolution

    Hello All, Can someone please improve this picture resolution? Is it possible? Sincerely, Mike link: ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting