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    Photoshop background and change colour of clip art + invitation help

    Hi all! Could someone please photoshop the background and text out of the attached clipart and also change it to the blue colour that it is in the invitation picture? If you could please also let me know the colour model and pigment amounts used that would be fantastic. I am trying to create...
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    Mockup for invitation cards

    Hello, I was wondering if someone can help? I sell a range of DL invitation cards. One set usually includes the invitation card itself, the insert (or maybe 2) and an envelope. I have recently been looking at mockups and wondering if someone can point me in the right direction - as I think...
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    Photoshop request (very important)

    sup fellas
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    Adding simple shadow effect to invitation cards

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone can help. I am looking to add a simple shadow to some invitation cards (on the sides) - please see the attached 'invitation card shadow' image to show an example of what I am looking to achieve. The two 'to add shadow files' are the example files that I am...
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    printing 2 sides of invitation card

    Hi all! Thanks a lot for this wonderful forum :) please excuse me if the below question is really stupid but I am a newbie of photoshop and need your help :) I'm designing an invitation card (21x14 cm) made of a front page and a back page, two separate psd files. However, since I want to send...
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    White Text Not Printing From CS4?

    Hello, I am trying to help a neighbor with a birthday invitation in CS4. For some reason, when we print the image, the text color is missing. We are trying to print the image on pink paper. The text layers are a silver color. No matter what color we change the text layers to, it won't print...
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    Help creating an child's birthday invitation

    I am trying to create an invitation for my son... nothing too fancy, but have spent a long time and have come up with nothing.
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    I need help creating a birthday invitation for my son.

    Hello All, I am a first time poster and calling myself a novice in Photoshop would be giving me too much credit. However, I attempted to do this myself with disastrous results. Below is the "template" of what I would like to use. I would like to make the following changes preferably using...