1. P

    Creative Color change and logo removal

    Hi all, I would like to alter the following image: I need to change the uniform of only the man pictured so that it's of the Duke football team's rather than the Seahawks The orange needs to be turned blue and the dark blue parts in the original need to be white (so the stripe on the jersey...
  2. G

    Retouch Text Remover on Jersey

    Can anyone remove the front and back Text.. I need it rn tyy!!
  3. C

    Need edit with pictures!

    so i have a friend that is asking for some Photoshop magic on a picture. i said i know this site that can help and he left me to deal with all that jazz. so i have 2 pictures here : the second one is of my friend. he would like to transfer the jersey onto the bear and also get the bear to be...
  4. N

    change the main colour of a jersey

    Hello......... can someone do this for me please?? I want to change the main color of Xavi Jersey (left) from Red to white i also want to change the color of Adidas Logo and Stripes and No.8 and the side long line from gold to red please thank you very much
  5. J

    Jersey Number Editing

    I am a football coach with a very small photoshop background. I'm able to do simple things, but struggle with anything complicated. When we recruit, we want to send out offer pictures for all of the players. How would I change this jersey number to the recruits number... say #15? I'll probably...
  6. T

    photoshop help!- Mets Photo

    Hey I have this great panorama shot that i took at a mets game. everything came out fine except the guy in the piazza jersey on the bottom left (#31). I was hoping someone could help me smoothen this out. Ideally I would like to see the name and number completed on the back of his jersey but I...
  7. G

    Change shirt

    Hi, i want someone to change My favorite Soccer players Jersey, the picture of him is this: I want his shirt to be this: If you need more pictures of the jersey, here's the link...
  8. B

    Idea suggestions?

    Ok guys so ill start by saying that I am new to Photoshop, slowly learning my way threw things as I go. I picked up adobes offer on Photoshop/lightroom so those are the only 2 programs i currently have to work with. I am on a paintball team and we got jerseys made. We had quite a few problems...
  9. B

    Switching out a color

    Ok guys ill start off by saying I am VERY new to Photoshop. Ive been watching tutorials and videos but am still having some questions. I am actually using an old image of an old Paintball jersey that my team used and I am trying to change colors and things on it. Here is the image I am...
  10. M

    Bucket Filling the entire image vs separate parts. How to Reset this - ? FML

    Hey All, I am new to PS, love it - I use it for everything now lol. I am trying to do some jersey designs and up until a few days ago I was able to use the bucket tool to change the various sections. I probably clicked on something and now the bucket fills up the entire jersey making it...
  11. ///Mostarac

    Greetings from Jersey!

    Whats up everyone. My names benny. :wave: Im new to the pshop forums but not new to pshop :) I was born in Bosnia and moved to the United States. I do graphic designing as a hobby as well as a job. I've noticed that there aren't many popular forums for graphic designers out there. This one...