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  1. S

    Hi :-)

    Hello all, I'm Steve from Holland. I joined today, I'm a photoshop hobbyist, nothing professional and still learning. I do use photoshop for some time now,used to mod cars but now I want to try some other stuff too, made some already. I joined cause I like to see other people creativity and...
  2. RobertsDigital

    Hello guys I'm new

    Hello guys. I'm Roberts. I joined to improve on my photoshop skills.
  3. G

    Corner fill stadium

    Hi was wondering if someone could fill corners. Just the bottom tiers and have big screens above in corners. Also wouldn't mind seeing two tier to two tier joined and bottom of one tier to bottom of two tier joined with big screen above. Many thanks
  4. R

    UK newbie says hello!

    Hi guys! Rhia from the UK here, currently studying for ACA exams :cheesygrin: Happy to have joined the forum and looking forward to chatting with you guys.
  5. I


    Hi there! I have just joined with this forum site! Hope to learn more from you :)
  6. T

    Hello from hull

    Hello everybody Just joined & would like to say hello to everyone. only being playing with photoshop for a little bit but will try to help who i can where i can. :wink:
  7. Tia Jones

    My Introduction!

    Hi guys! My name is Tia. And I'm an Atlanta based retoucher, photographer, and digital artist who absolutely loves Photoshop. While I'm new to this forum, I'm not too new to Photoshop. I've been working in the program since I was 15 (I'm 23). Yet, I still have so much to learn. I joined to...
  8. BP Parker

    Texas Member Here

    Hello everyone, new member here my name is Brandon. Been using Photoshop for about a week now & i'm really falling in love. Joined these forums for support & help & connections, thanks.
  9. L

    First time posting a before & After portrait (Please be gentle haha)

    Hey :D so apart from my introductory post, this is my first before & after post so please be gentle :cheesygrin: I do know I need to learn a lot (and tone down the brightness of things ie: teeth haha) hence why I have joined here :D P.s I am hoping to one day be equivalent to magazine standards...
  10. A

    Hello, Hi

    Hi all From the UK, the Midlands to be exact, I work for a web design, dev, and marketing company based in Birmingham.. Joined to figure out some hints & tips with using Photoshop to be honest [innocent]
  11. R

    Just Joined the Forum

    Hi all, Just joined this morning and am finding it rather difficult to find my way around but no doubt after a while all will become clear, I hope!
  12. J


    Howdy everyone I just joined this forum looking for some help with some projects of mine, I hope I can find what I'm looking for. Thanks!
  13. B


    Hello.. just joined the forum, will look around it, perhaps i found something interesting - actually im sure i will. So welcome to myself. *waves*
  14. yoda007

    Greetings Just Joined Forum - looks like an awesome site!

    I have been involved with photoshop, illustrator and fireworks for about 9 years now and feel quite silly for not joining this forum earlier! This looks like an incredible site to get tips and share tips thanks to the creators of this site - I am looking forward to utilizing the wealth of...
  15. L

    Little Seal Has Joined Your Partaaay!

    Hello, my name is littleseal and I'm new to photoshop:) I'm university studying business management! But I love creative endeavors so here I am, trying to figure out photoshop. I am kinda overwhelmed right now. But taking baby steps so now I'm familiar with most of the workspace and I...
  16. M

    Need help for my son to make crisp clean lines using Photoshop with his Wacom tablet

    Joined to help my Autistic son use his Waccom tablet and Photoshop but need help. I hope some of you experts out there in the Photoshop world can assist me in some questions I have about older versions of Photoshop vs new, how to use with a Wacom Cintiq 12wx, and possibly if I can get a student...
  17. O

    Hi , just joined

    Hello everyone,I just joined so I'm happy to dropped in to say hi to you all!!! Hope we have a good time here!!! Thanks in advance!!!
  18. K

    Just joined today!

    This is pretty cool I don't get into forums much, but I have a feeling this is a good one. I freelance on the side and I have a question for the masters of the PSD Universe already. I have a lady I met on craigslist who sent me some photos to touch up and I did it and then she referred me to...