1. gedstar

    Something a bit weird :)

    This is what happens when you Photoshop and drink :bustagut: comments welcome Images used
  2. J

    remove text from these pics

    hope u guys can help me remove the text circled in red let me know if its doable, they are kinda hard.
  3. G

    Photo grandmother funeral

    Hi everyone! Our grandmother unfortunately died two days ago and we are looking for a photo for the ceremony. We really love the attached photo but the guy in the background kinda spoils it... I've tried doing some defocussing or blurring but it kinda ruins the picture. Would you guys be able...
  4. hershy314

    Lonely Road

    Whipped this up kinda quick. I'm sure there are areas I need to improve on, just not sure how to do it.
  5. gedstar

    What's happening to the forum?

    OK just starting a new thread, seems to me that the forum has been kinda dead for the last while and I would love to see it back to the way it use to be. We don't seem to get people posting Photo Manipulations, Before and Afters and the likes anymore, even the challenge thread is sadly dying a...
  6. M

    How to create this shine In Illustrator or Photoshop?

    Im trying to get my fire logo look like this in the picture, I've created kinda a similar shape i just would like to know how to get that shine/effect like in the photo
  7. M

    Please help Photoshop my nose!

    Hello! I'm looking for someone to Photoshop my nose to different styles please! I want to get an idea of which nose looks better on my face since I'm considering on getting derma fillers. Thanks so much! (P.s. I kinda wanna see what my nose would look like if I had one similar to Maia...
  8. M

    can someone pls remove the guy behind?

    the one that looks kinda dead
  9. D

    Creating uneven "drawn" circles

    I am seeking to create these kinda circles in photoshop. Where would I start?
  10. E

    Background without using images

    Hey guys, So I'm a rather new music producer and I make some wallpapers for my tracks using Photoshop and then put some effects in there using Adobe After Effects. So I usually just use either a gradient or an image in there, but it's rather hard to find images without copyright that look good...
  11. A

    Need help/learn something

    Hello. I am kinda newbie with Photoshop. I have few question related to Photoshop and want to ask. Anyone up for that? :)