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  1. A


    Hi everyone. My name is Andy. Hope to gain some knowledge on this forum.
  2. L


    Im Hoping to learn and share knowledge to everyone.
  3. D

    Hello from the UK

    Hi, my name is Margaret and I am from England. I am an author of historical fiction/romance and I am desperately trying to learn Photoshop. I hope to learn more from this forum and once I have, to pass on my knowledge to other newbies who are tearing their hair out!:eek:
  4. L

    Hi my name is Lariza :)

    Hello everyone, My name is Lariza. I am a self-taught Photoshop user. I have gained all my knowledge poking around in Photoshop & YouTube videos. I feel very comfortable using Photoshop although I know I have just scraped the surface. I joined this group to gain more knowledge and to solve...
  5. N

    want help to improve this image.

    hi,can any one help me to shrpen this image while reduce noise & pixalaration. also i want to know how to do it.. i know there so many professionalls in this forum. also i got so many knowledge from that persons. i will thankfull for any one can help me :)
  6. PegoMan

    CS5.1 with Mac Sierra

    I have a disk copy of Photoshop CS5.1 which I have been told will not run on the new Mac operating system, Sierra. does anyone have any knowledge of whether this is true or not? Thanks for your help, John
  7. T

    HI Guys / Girls looking to improve my limited knowledge

    HI Guys/Girls looking to improve my limited knowledge Thorrrr is from the UK and can see we have some very experienced people here and looking forward to upskilling myself and eventually pass it back to newbies in the future
  8. R

    Greetings from Greece!

    Hello ppl, dimitris here, photographer looking for inspiration, knowledge and advice. C U in the forum :-)
  9. thePixelPixie

    New Member - Hi

    Hi there, Just introducing myself. I've been using Illustrator for most of my work (and before switching to Mac, I was a diehard CorelDraw user - I still think it's a better vector program. Ah well). But I have a project from a client right now that's requiring a bit more PhotoShop knowledge...
  10. J

    Change portrait background color (was: Request picture portrait help please)

    This is probably one of the more difficult things to do in Photoshop, since hair is involved & obviously way beyond my knowledge level. Would really appreciate it if someone could change the background of this photo to white. Thanks for any consideration.
  11. R

    Hello from brooklyn

    My name is reggie. Gurus, I need your knowledge. I need the secrets to your power...
  12. J

    Hi! I'm jmarz21

    I am an Information Technology by profession and a skilled Internet Marketer for 5 years. I have also been developing and designing several systems and applications such as Android, Web Apps, Business Systems and more. My skills in graphic designing and modeling also partakes with the knowledge...
  13. H

    Do you think that the company name on the logo is too long?

    Hey! I tried to make a logo for appliance repair website . I am new to designing and have no prior knowledge of it. I was wondering if you can give me some advice on how to improve the logo. Thank you!
  14. S

    Hello Gurus!

    My name is Javier, I'm a web developer and hobby designer. Learning more and more everyday about Photoshop and I'm excited to join the community to increase my PS knowledge.
  15. J

    Hello—long time user/book designer

    Hi. I've been a Photoshop user since v3.X, but have primarily focused on basic color work for print. I hope to increase my knowledge on particular subjects, and also add to discussions if I can. Cheers.
  16. L


    Hi, It's my first time here so I'm stopping in to say hi. I hope to be able to find some help here for my occasional dabbling's with Photoshop. I have a VERY old version but as I have hardly any knowledge of photoshop it is ok for the moment. Bye for now.:)
  17. S

    hello everyone!

    Hi everybody, I'm new member here. I found this web site unexpectedly as I searched on google some explanations in about photoshop. By far, it seems to be a very good place to find new knowledge, whether you are amateur or advanced photoshop user. My hobbies are applied arts, photography, and I...
  18. Z

    3D Barrett M107 (revisited)

    While looking through my 3D folder during a spring clean, I stumbled upon a very old model I did of a Barrett M107, it was shoddy at best but still held up. I remodelled it using the knowledge I have now, and textured it up, popped it into a little scene on top of a weapon box and rendered...
  19. R

    hello friends

    Hey there, I work as a fulltime retoucher, went to school for photography, and have been using photoshop since ver 4. I've got a lot of knowledge and thoughts on techniques and tricks that I'd love to share, and I've got a few questions of my own! :cheesygrin: I got bored over a /r/photoshop...
  20. J

    Newbie Light Intermediate user. Into Compositing.

    Hi there. I'm a self-taught beginner to intermediate ps user. Single mom who loves to make digital art in my free time. I'm looking to fill in my knowledge and connect with others, especially those who are compositing. I'm excited to learn and share!