1. S

    Create an Album Cover?

    Hello! Would it be possible for someone to turn this in to something that looks like an album cover for a band called 'The Four Planners'? It's just a bit of a laugh for some work colleagues so feel free to be creative!!!! Thanks in advance, Joe.
  2. Paul

    Where have all the good guys gone?

    Used to be a right laugh here, bit like a doctors waiting room now:banghead:
  3. Paul

    Funny jokes and images Thread

    Ok make your own or post a funny image from the net, even better if it's shop related:thumbsup:
  4. Hoogle

    laugh it up newbie question

    OK here it is can you print white colours I am doing a canvas design for someone which is actually going on a black canvas She is printing it herself and has a canvas printer But I am not sure if you can actually print white itself. Nor do I know how a canvas printer works would it be like an...
  5. Paul

    You shouldn't laugh - we have all been there....

    Found this guy trying really hard on the tube :bustagut:
  6. Z

    just for a laugh

    right first off, i don't mean any offence in the following images, they are just for a little light humour, it's much needed sometimes, if you have a problem relating to the ethics of the images then please drop a line. anyway. enjoy! what's the big dealio with the Hilary Clinton skits anyway...
  7. Paul

    Just for a laugh

    I like making these with my old cs2 animation suite:) Hey it's all i have:cry: The films rubbish by the way.
  8. Paul

    Don't laugh

    Please be aware this is my first real attempt at this sort of thing, inspiration came from other site members, you know who you are:wink: