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  1. J

    How to make this effect

    Hello. Could you please let me know how to simulate this letters effect? I mean how to make the white border more notorious and also like the shadow it has too. Thanks so much.
  2. N

    Cannot type the letter "H"

    This issue started up yesterday. I cannot, regardless of font type or size or capitalization, type the letter "h" using the text tool. I can copy and paste the letter in, but trying to type it any other way does nothing.
  3. A

    Illustrator How to warp/transform a single letter?

    Hey guys, I'm trying to create something similar to this... It's the a that I am interested in. As you can see the curve part of the letter (where the c is located) has been removed from the a. I know while using Illustrator you can press 'cmd + shift and o' which brings up anchor points of...
  4. R

    logo edit

    Hi Guys Can anyone please help me with this logo. Just need to adjust edges of the two letter need to be smoother than now. The logo is r S. but the edges of each letter are looked like pixelated need to get that fixed. Rahul
  5. S

    Photoshop - automatically changes letters

    Hello! I have a strange problem with text tool in Photoshop CS4. It changes one letter in a word automatically. Text is in polish and it changes only one letter (ć) for (ç) at the end of the word. But if I will write a double (ćć) only the last letter is changed! Moreover the font remains...
  6. B

    Text outline

    Hello I have the following image to illustrate a party held at an English country pub called The Sparrowhawk: I need to include the date, and so now I have this: The text is pixellated - as I expected - but as I do not have access to a vector programme, I probably have to make do with...
  7. H

    Photoshop save action

    Hello ,couldnt find the answer ,mby just blind. So I got (for example) an book page ,must select 1 letter and save as the png with name (for example) image-001 ,then select second letter and save as image-002, I got an action to the point of saving but then cant find how to make it automate the...
  8. M

    Photoshop help

    Hello Dear Photoshop gurus, I have a letter written by Mother Teresa. The letter is fading away and is not readable. Can the letter be edited to make it readable?. Help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance.
  9. N

    How to create staggered slanting text

    Hi, I'm a newbie - excuse me if this question has been asked before. I'm trying to create a particular effect. I want to create a slanting text where each letter maintains it's vertical aspect. Like this: D L E I F F E H S...
  10. F

    Illustrator Trying to replicate a logo with another letter

    So im pretty new to illustrator and i just did a short logo tutorial and i want to replace a letter of this logo. I want to put an S instead of the M, so i tried with the pen tool, tried with the 3D Extrude & Bevel options, but nothing comes close, any tips or methods of how can i achieve...
  11. E

    Changing a plain background

    How can I simply change the colour of the background to the letter in this pic/scan from white to black, (not easy to see, but when I open it on my PC it shows the a white background, the colour of the inner lid of the scanner) If its not a simple process, how do I crop the letter so just the...
  12. B

    Problem whit cuting image

    Hello, I'am new on this forum,my name is Boris (19) and i live in Bosnia and Hercegovina. Firsth of all sorry for my really bad english. I have problem whit cuting one letter from logo. I change name of my gaming community from GSP to GP, now i need to change a logo. I am very weak in...
  13. M

    Can I remove pen on pen?

    I found an old letter that had some writing crossed out and I am trying to see what is under the scribbled part. Is there any way to do this?? Thank you for all of the help!
  14. Vafann

    Better letter woman

    I tried to make a typographic poster again trying to make something better than the one I did yesterday. I think that this turned out much better, though I´m still not completely satisfied and can see that it needs fixing in a lot of places, but I´m a little bit tired of it at the moment, and...
  15. G

    Using Pen Tool to create the letter "O"

    Hi, As an example lets say I want to create a path using the pen tool to create the letter "O". Can this be done? Meaning how do I get the centre of the "O" cut out? Do I have to create a circle and then use the marquee tool to subtract from the circle or is there a way to do it all with...