1. S

    Smoothing pixelated stuffff

    Hello! Please see attached photo. Is there a way to smooth those edges out around the lettering?
  2. M

    Crisp & Cleanup Image

    Is it possible to crisp and cleanup the image to remove the pixelation . I'm trying to carve this logo into wood (Second Image). If you look closely at the carved image. The lettering is fuzzy and the spacing is all grainy which requires lots of sanding. Is it also doable to remove the black...
  3. ashley1

    How do I copy one section of the picture to paste on a new image?

    I want to copy the foreground (the lettering) of this image and paste the lettering to a new image. Also, how would I place the words underneath each other? Thank you! =)
  4. Astroida

    Recreating logo lettering

    Haven't posted in a while. Im looking for a way to recreate lettering in the logo of late night show with David Letterman. Any help is appreciated. image is in attachment. I have problems with leaving top part of letters in a same height, while bending bottom part.
  5. V

    Create Organic Lettering Using Photo Manipulation

    After experimenting with typographic illustrations, and finding myself still in the mood for something similar, I figured it was a good time to create an illustration based on lettering. With typography, you rely on a typeface that dictates the style of the illustration you want to make. The...
  6. T

    10 Custom Logos for Gaming Community

    Hello. Mods please put this post in the approiate thread if needed. I am looking for a person that can do 10 custom logos for me. My budget $10-15 per logo. If we can nail the first one, I know we'll be able to easily do the other 9. 30% of it lettering. I'd like the letters A.U.W in an arch at...
  7. D

    transparent lettering?

    Is there a way to make transparent lettering? Just the lettering outline with no inner colors (using photoshop 7)?