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  1. U

    Create and save PSD from list name in excel

    I have a list of file names in Column A of an excel sheet. Now I need to create and save files in PSD [Dimension 800 X 900] one by one from that list name with single background layer.
  2. J

    Duplicating or moving a layer makes it jump to top of list

    When I duplicate a layer, or move it's order, it automatically scrolls my layers list to make it at the top. Is there any way to stop that? I'm using photoshop CC.
  3. J

    Text file from a Tool Preset list

    Hi Is it possible to create a text file from a Tool Preset list? I know you can copy the names individually by clicking rename but that becomes a tedious task when there is fifty plus brushes. I've just spent a couple of hours Googling and couldn't find a solution so hopefully someone here...
  4. R

    Please help me to photoshop the dog into the X-mas card

    I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me with photoshopping the image of the guide dog into the image of the x-mas setting without the whole picture looking too fake or photoshopped. This is for an x-mas e-card for a non-profit org. Thank you so much in advance. I can send you the...
  5. TristanDuncan

    Design a bulleted list in Photoshop - using one text layer

    Hi everyone! This quick video shows you how to create a bulleted list on one text layer using the paragraph panel. Pretty simple but super handy!
  6. J

    Remove Layer Effects from Layer Panel (after effects have been disabled)?

    Sometimes you add effects to a layer, then you decide you don't need them. You can uncheck them or click the eyeball..but the effects always show in the layer list. This clutters things. Is there no way to "remove" them completely? Thanks in advance. (Edit: Oh my. I looked for a long time, of...
  7. T

    Text with path tool

    Hey, guys before you think anything, i KNOW that indesign would be better, but now i´ve done it in PS, and therefor i need your help... I´ve written a list with bulletpoints - like this: · bla bla bla · bla bla bla · bla bla bla · bla bla bla · bla bla bla Now I want that list to bend in...
  8. J

    Which effect is the one used in this image?

    Hi, I have a question , and I would like to know which effects or list of effects have someone did to make this effects to the dark-night original photo... Thanks.
  9. M

    All plugins not showing, list is just cut off

    I have a lot of plugins that I've been using with PaintShop Pro, and instead of installing them all over again, I direct Photoshop to also use the PSP plugin directory. This works fine except that Photoshop seems to have a maximum number of plugins that it will list. It gets cut off after the...
  10. MrToM

    CC 2014 Adobe Color Theme Conundrum...!

    This may be just me having a blonde moment but here's the issue... If I open the 'Adobe Color Themes' panel and have it as 'floating' I get the panel on the left... If I then dock the panel into my other panels on the right of the workspace I get the panel on the right... Now, here's the...
  11. D

    opening list

    I was just wondering how I can get it so that when I click" file -> open" I can get the photos list to be listed in order of modified all the time. The way it is now it lists them in order of name (alphabetically) and I know I can just right click to order them another way but I always had them...
  12. MrToM

    [Solved] PS CC 2014 Load Files into Stack...

    Its probably me again but the 'Load Files into Stack...' script in PS CC 2014 doesn't seem to want to play. [ With no document open and loading a list of 5 images ] I get two documents created, one with just the last file in the list opened and the other with a blank layer, the same image as...
  13. TheABP

    Free Resource List

    Stock Photos: Textures: Fonts:
  14. G

    Nagel Brush Series - anyone have a list of names?

    Howdy, I just downloaded the Nagel series of brushes (1-39) and would like to organize them with my other brushes. The brushes all have names like "NagelSeries_24.abr" and I want to give them descriptive names so when I see them in PS I can make sense of what I have. I have searched for a...