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logo design

  1. T

    Paid Logo design

    Is it possible to redesign the banjo in this graphic to be more like the one in the photograph? The key component is the top of the banjo, notice the different style completely. Also, I would like it in an SVG format if possible
  2. A

    Paid Make logo with the same colors.

    Hi everyone, Can you please make the logo for the text “slo pharma” in the same style as the photo below “rx meds”. I want that the same colors are being used and background of “slo” also needs to be transparent same as “rx” background. Please make it vector style photo. Thank you in advance.
  3. T

    Paid Logo recreation

    Looking to have this old logo recreated in a high-res format. Looking to have an editable vector file.

    Paid TODAY 31-Oct Logo Simple. Paypal 8$

    31 Oct, 2021 Good morning.. I want to make a simple design for today October 31. The text would be "Phila". The text that most closely matches will receive payment at the end of the day. Thanks for your help.
  5. M

    Specific Tune Squad Edit #70

    Hi! I’m looking to get the Tune squad logo recreated. I want it to say Hayden’s Squad. Having issues locating the actual font that was used for it. Any help is greatly appreciated
  6. T

    Specific New Twitch Graphic

    So I’m looking at having a new graphic for my twitch! I wanted it to be something to do with Greek Mythology, so what I’ve attached is a very cringy photo of myself, with a trident and lightning bolt, basically im after a cartoon (but still looking like me) circular logo of me holding a trident...
  7. Shadowwolf77

    Logo Design Tips

    Can anyone give some helpful tips/mockups for my Youtube channel design? I make short comedy films and am hoping for a retro/cartoonish/bright design scheme. Just any tips on creating a good pfp and channel art would be appreciated. Current profile pic designs (above) Current channel art
  8. Blacktooth

    Specific Gaming profile Logo design

    Good day, here to ask for a cool logo with the following. Based of the Saiga antelope, make head logo, white on black background. Size, 300 x 300 Kind regards.
  9. D

    Paid Recreate logo (tune squad)

    Hi everyone, I am in a pinch and running out of time to get a logo done. I need to do the Tune squad logo saying West Seattle. I am working on corel draw but my skills aren't very good :(. I can pay $30 for this project. Thank you!
  10. S

    Any Idea how to create this effect in Photoshop?

    This is the WGBH logo and I've been trying to figure out how to recreate it with Photoshop but I can't seem to get it right. I was hoping some of you who are more well versed in the functions of Photoshop might be able to help me out
  11. T

    Specific Need Help with a Logo

    hi guys! I'm launching a new website soon, it is my first website and I've tried to make a logo with a program online but I don't really like it especially cause it doesn't fit in most social media profiles pics. Can you please help me with a new logo? I'm gonna attach the logo that I made and I...
  12. C


    I am a new member of this forum. I have joined this forum to learn new tools and technics. Your ideas will be helpful for me.:lol:
  13. D

    Illustrator Advance use of Effect Tools and Blend Tool in Illustrator

    Please give your reviews about this tutorial video. Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart.
  14. D

    Illustrator Illustrator Tutorial | Batman Logo Design with narration Learn how to create this Creative Batman Logo Design by following this video. I hope this video helps you a lot and you will love this video. You can follow this link for more upcoming and recent videos like this video.
  15. H

    Please I need this logo

    Can someone make this logo that I draw
  16. H

    Help with a Logo for a Business Card - Dog Grooming Project

    Hi, Me and my partner are starting our own dog grooming business in New Zealand, and we would like your help, please. We have an idea for a Logo on a business card: two silver fern feathers, NZ feather symbol, and in the midst of them an Afghan Hound dog cartoon. I have attached a similar...
  17. S

    Student need a helping hand for a logo project

    Hi guys! Im happy to see a community that can help people in difficulty like me. Let me write you what my problem is about first. You can call me Sim or Simon, Im 22 yo, Im myself a technical nurse and I have decided recently to perfect myself in a University program called Nursing Science. I...
  18. F

    Logo icon

    Hi this is my first post, so any help would be greatly appreciated! I want to mak an icon like this: But with the letters 'nc' lower-case. I am new to photoshop so, again any help would be hugely appreciated. Thanks!
  19. B

    My logos NEED HELP!!!

    Hello, i am trying to create a logo that i can submit to my athletics department.i have never used photoshop but i tinkered around with my drawing on it and did the best i could do to get a pretty good idea of what i want. but i am still not satisfied. i need the following on these logos...
  20. R

    New Logo Design - 80$ Paypal

    Hi all, Thank you for taking the time to look at my request. I am looking for a designer to create a new logo for a start up company and offering 80$ (Paypal) for completed work. I would love to get some brief very simple samples from multiple designers as I am unsure of what the logo should...