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    Paid Recreate logo (tune squad)

    Hi everyone, I am in a pinch and running out of time to get a logo done. I need to do the Tune squad logo saying West Seattle. I am working on corel draw but my skills aren't very good :(. I can pay $30 for this project. Thank you!
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    Any Idea how to create this effect in Photoshop?

    This is the WGBH logo and I've been trying to figure out how to recreate it with Photoshop but I can't seem to get it right. I was hoping some of you who are more well versed in the functions of Photoshop might be able to help me out
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    Specific Need help refining my logo

    I paid for this logo a few years ago. I really would like to change the colors to soften and somehow incorporate my name in a softer more pleasing way, or delete it...but I’m lost. Graphics are not my bag. Can anyone please help me, please??!
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    Paid Need artwork edited for t-shirt logos Pay $15 - need by 1/7

    Artwork Impact Montreal Logo Replace 'TOUS POUR GAGNER' with 'LINDSEY WILSON' - change the color to royal blue Replace 'IMPACT MONTREAL' with 'WINTER WARM-UP' Change all the black on the shirt to red Vancouver Whitecaps Logo Change 'VANCOUVER' to 'WINTER' Change 'WHITECAPS' to 'WARM-UP' Change...
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    Please I need this logo

    Can someone make this logo that I draw
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    Help with a Logo for a Business Card - Dog Grooming Project

    Hi, Me and my partner are starting our own dog grooming business in New Zealand, and we would like your help, please. We have an idea for a Logo on a business card: two silver fern feathers, NZ feather symbol, and in the midst of them an Afghan Hound dog cartoon. I have attached a similar...
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    How to make attractive logos in photoshop?

    Hi, I want to make a logo for my lab : "SEAL" I want to make a creative logo, like I want to E and A (or e and a) and put in the seal (animal) picture. So how to do it using photoshop? Which features of photoshop can help me in merging alphabets? (E and A) I am quite new to photoshop...
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    Logo Remake help

    Hello So I need to remake this logo because it's in pretty bad resolution. It`s going to be printed. Anyways I know a little more than the basics but I have no idea on how to make this logo from 0. I have no idea of what font that is used, but I need to make it as identical as possible. I have...