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    Can some one help me with this effect?

    First time to this forum. Hope I am using it correctly. I am trying to create the effect illustrated in the picture below. Although I want to slightly roll all 4 corners, with the emphasis on the left and right edges of the picture. The goal is to give the picture a slight cupped looked as...
  2. M

    Remove mustache

    Hi everyone, I would love to print this picture but it was taken at a time when i thought i could grow a 'mustache' and it looked kind of bad. Can anyone remove it and the patch of hair under my lip? Thanks a lot!
  3. D

    70s family photo effect

    So, I want to make one of those awkward family photos for a christmas card this year. I know how what needs to be done to get the effect, but I just don't really know HOW to achieve it. The old grainy and washed out effect is giving me a lot of problems and I was wondering if anyone knows of a...
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    Creating movie from photos

    I have a series of photos (120) of an object rotating. I would like to convert them to show them as a continuous movie at 24fps. So, I don't want Ken Burns effects, transitions etc., simply each one on screen for 1/25 sec in turn. I looked at the movie section of PS and can create a movie, but...
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    Stillborn baby, would like to have photos to be retouched

    Hello, Me and my wife lost our baby boy earlier this week, he died just before he was supposed to greet the world. We (my wife) gave birth to him and we had +60 pictures taken of/with him. They where taken with our mobile cameras so the quality isn't professional by any means. We were wondering...
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    How to do an hd effect ( simmilar to pic )

    Hi guys ! New on this website . I just like to learn new things and make edits , So I came across this guy who seems pretty good and I really wanna learn how to do this HD (Dont really know what to call it ) Effect with photoshop , I've looked over youtube but found nothing . Would be glad if...
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    Need advice How to extrude in Photoshop CC?

    Hi, I need advice on what method I should immerse myself in order to learn expose/extrude photos from background in CC. I have looked at many films but it will be most confusing. Too may methods.
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    [Request] I tried to make my chest slightly bigger=$ but I messed up..Can u clean up?

    Hi everyone!! =)) I hope this isnt too much to ask considering that i'm new around here but.. I'm desperate, I really wanted to make my chest look a little bit bigger, so I asked a friend to do it , but it looked terrible so I tried to do it myself but the more i try to improve it the...