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  1. Z

    Sofas: A + B = C

    Before: Bit of context; I'm creating a catalogue for a company that wholesales sofas. The corner unit above is coming into stock in the grey fabric of the recliner (3 shots below it). It won't be here for weeks, but we want to get the catalogue out quickly, so I decided rather than wait to...
  2. D

    Need help Photoshop2017

    I was gradually learning things and thought I was doing ok, until Adobe decided to new improve stuff. I want to cut out an image and move it to another background, which I have done loads of times before, but now the refine edges has gone and I have the select and mask thing instead. The problem...
  3. gedstar

    Photoshop CC 2015.5 (WIN) temporary directory bug

    Photoshop CC 2015.5 for Windows may create lots of temporary directories named zxpsignXXXXXX Location C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\ More info here and a fix for the issue, Adobe hasn't bothered to fix it in CC2015.5.1 release
  4. B

    Remove off white background with white product

    I'm having problems removing an off white background for products with white in them, I've got lots to do and need a fast way of doing it, can anyone suggest what's the best way to do it?
  5. ugur

    Filter works

    This is the combination of two stocks and lots of filters/blend modes. Fireworks: Girl:
  6. P

    Hello Gurus Newbie checking in

    Ive wanted to learn PS for a decade...finally took the plunge and Im spending a lot of time at but still hit the wall often. I landed here because Im an artist practicing mixed media, acrylic abstract, digital image manipulation, fiber and textiles. I can "art up" almost anything...
  7. C

    Editing and Tricks

    I was wondering if anyone knows how to do these type of pictures. I can take decent pictures but for products like this, it seems lots of touch up or in fact this is done by a special software to make it so nice?
  8. R

    Hello from me

    Hi everyone My name is Andy - have always loved photography but have found Photoshop quite late - but am starting to find my feet (slowly) but really enjoy it I use Photoshop mainly for fun - Lots of photos of the kids / classic cars / Greeting cards etc I also use Photoshop for my job as I...
  9. Demented Dave

    hello to all from royal palm beach , FL

    im a newbie to photoshop & i have lots to learn
  10. D

    My First Post....Small Sample Of My Work

    Hello Folks, new here and thought I would post a little something here in the Before and After area. I live in Vegas and love going around and taking some cool shots of our town. As you can see I like lots of color and add some pop to my images, I am still rather new to PS so bear with me...
  11. F

    christmas animated tutorials

    hi,is there anyone who knows a site where you can find a lots of christmas animated tutorials,greetz fene
  12. Igrecman

    PS User for 10 years but still learning

    Hi, I started with Corel Draw 5 a long time ago LOL, then moved to Paint Shop Pro. I knew then that Photoshop was supposed to be the best but I was satisfied with what I was using. But the first time I tried PS, I was amazed at all it could do and do it much better. I still have lots to learn...
  13. V


    hello everyone thank you for accepting me to this forum. Hoping to learn lots. Vince