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My First Post....Small Sample Of My Work

Double O Photo

New Member
Hello Folks, new here and thought I would post a little something here in the Before and After area. I live in Vegas and love going around and taking some cool shots of our town. As you can see I like lots of color and add some pop to my images, I am still rather new to PS so bear with me.

Tell me what you think-
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Dear Departed Guru and PSG Staff Member
Hi Double O,
Thanks for posting and welcome to the forum!

Tom Mann

From what I can tell at the small size they were posted, your results look very nice, but to be honest, it's not very difficult to make changes like that these days.

About the only aspect of the final image that I'm not wild about is that the tan, relatively featureless, masonry(?) wall towards the bottom of the frame picked up a strong pink/red cast when you boosted the saturation. IMHO, it's better to have something in a scene be neutral, or almost neutral / weakly saturated. This provides the viewer's eye with a place of color reference, and almost makes the highly saturated colors seem to pop more, whereas if everything is highly saturated, the overall result can look garish and overdone.

I'm going to take a wild guess, but the color adjustment section of Topaz Adjust is very prone to add color where it shouldn't be. By any chance, is that what you used, or did you simply crank up the vibrance in PS?

In any case, post more pix of your area. We would love to see them. If they are not before-after shots, we have a photography section that would be very appropriate.

Best regards

Tom M