1. A

    Specific Noob loser needs merge pic help

    Noob here. Can some1 take my loser self & insert me into the 1st pic so it looks like I'm her date? Sorry my pic pasted sideways here but tilt it up so im on the right, lookin 3 inches taller than her & you can crop out the bottom if needed so you can insert me towards the top so I'm
  2. furyy

    Can someone help swap/apply the skirt on the girl?

    Hey Guys! I'm new to this forum. So, I'd like to ask my first request. Can you guys change the skirt of the girl on the left from the black skirt to the striped skirt on the separate picture? There are two skirts you can use. I want it to look as natural as possible. Thank you for stopping by...
  3. F

    Please help! Editing silhouette of Bowling Ball & Pins

    Could someone please turn this silhouette image to look like the following: - A bowling ball clashing into bowling pins. - The bowling ball and the pins to be smoothed out ​and be distinguished (i.e. add the three holes to the bowling ball and the stripes to the bowling pins) Thank you...
  4. N

    Creating reflections??

    I'm just wondering if someone could explain to me how to make a reflection accurate? I stupidly thought just flipping it would somehow work but obviously not :) More specifically, I'm trying to add a new bottle to this image but obviously isnt working so far.
  5. J

    Greetings from Virginia

    Hello all! I'm so happy I found this forum through Google search! I don't use Photoshop but I did just add a thread looking for help in editing a save the date photo! You all are great! Thanks! Jessica
  6. M

    I need help adding mirrored lenses to a pair of glasses for my online store

    Hello all, Newbie here! I've got basic knowledge of Photoshop but i'm really stuck with this one. I want to offer sunglasses with mirrored lenses in the existing frames I offer, however I can't work out how I can add this in photoshop. Could anyone lend me a hand? There's another one or...
  7. R

    moving out of picture

    hello im attempting to move myselkf out of the rest of the picture that way i can edit or add effects and then add my self back in un-altered, appreciate any assistance
  8. W

    Adding Headscarfs?

    Hello- I'm doing a project where I need to use the same photo under two different contexts. Is it possible to add a headscarf to the adult woman in each of these two photos? Thanks! .
  9. S

    Need some help with a missing part

    I photographed this male Pallid Harrier in the middle of the spring in Northern Greece. I just missed the one wing primary edges, but somehow i would like to add the missed edges (and also add some space around it). Here is a jpg saved form a Raw file without any editing in PS in the best...
  10. C

    Can someone photoshop an actual balloon of a hot air balloon on this picture for me?

    If someone can add a balloon to this picture that would be awesome. Thanks!!
  11. C

    How to add in a new image as an extra layer

    Hi there, I have an image as my background layer already and want another image on top of this one as a second layer, how do I do this?
  12. J

    Please Help style save issues

    I'm trying to save my layer edits for example I have a landscape picture which I have edited such as the brightness the curves and many other adjustments they are all separate layers but I'm trying to figure out if they is a way I can save these adjustments as a form of filter so I can add the...
  13. Pipsmom

    New Project Guidance needed

    I have a project in mind for three 1800's photos and need a little advice on the simplest way to achieve this...I have in my mind what I want it to look like but don't know the steps how to achieve it..:banghead: ............Highly ambitious for a beginner with just basic knowledge but one must...
  14. C

    Edit please?

    I was hoping to have the guy in the wheelchair removed (the blond lady to his right can be taken out too to make room, that doesn't matter) and the 4 people from the other photo inserted instead. I know they don't have feet so it can be cropped or whatever to make it work, doesn't have to be...
  15. A

    Challenge #49 - Fill the room

    Sorry i almost forgot i had to come up with the next challenge XD. So i had to come up with and an a idea fast :biglaff:. Fill the room as the name said.. using the next image you had to let fly your imagination adding, changing whathever you want, it's a free challenge but if you want to...
  16. Y

    Please add a spoon to this bowl

    Please make it look like there is a spoon in the bowl
  17. M

    Bevel&Emboss effect on silhouette *HELP*

    Hey everyone, Thanks for swinging by my thread! I have been working on a design that will go on a sign for the company I work for. I had followed some tutorials for what I have so far. I have to say, I am pretty happy with how it is turning out! I really like the gold letters, now i just...
  18. L

    Gloss effect on images

    Hi again. I'm trying to make a flat looking image of a headboard look a little more realistic by adding a gloss to it. Is there a way to add gloss or highlight in photoshop? I have tried the dodge tool with no success. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  19. J

    How do i do this !

    Hi guys, first post here so sorry if it is in the incorrect place, im new to photoshop and im want to create a facebook cover similar to the one i have attached, i can add the picture to the canvas but how do you cut it in the curved format and add the 2 curved features to it. many thanks in...
  20. J

    how to add a photo to get help with

    Hi i need help with an image but i do t see where i can attach the picture. How do i do this? Thank you