1. P

    Add word to logo request

    Mods, if the is not an appropriate request or place to post this, please remove or move it. Hello PS Gurus, Is it possible to add .com to my logo below in the same font, shadow and angle under the words TrikeTalk? Unfortunately, I do not know the name of the font used. If it can be done...
  2. L

    Facebook Cover (Simple)

    Delete Post can be deleted.
  3. G

    Add baby shoes please

    Hi guys, My wife and I just received news today that we're expecting twins. Post 7 week ultrasound, we were going to use this picture (with commentary) to announce the news to friends given that we were advised that there was only one baby. Today, at our 12 week ultrasound, we were shown two...
  4. L

    Add guitar

    Can someone add a guitar to my sons picture?
  5. P

    Need blue sky added to photo!

    Hi, i'm wondering if someone can add a blue sky in this photo for me. Thank you!
  6. N

    can someone please tidy up this photoshop pic?

    Hi gurus! I'm wondering if anyone can fix up this PS job? The face of the girl in the dress has been photoshopped on but possibly not that well, can anyone help the process along? Not sure if this is something that is easily fixed without starting all over again but any help is appreciated. My...
  7. P

    Add Smile to my Dog

    Hey guys! Just wondering if anyone would be able to add a human-like smile to my dog? A year or two ago I had a similar request, and this was the awesome job that someone did for me (for reference). Thank you in advance!
  8. P

    Help removing and adding something in to photo please!

    Please, Can someone help remove and add something in to photo. Thanks Hi! I'm hoping someone can remove the glare that is in the lightbulb and also, if possible, add something that looks like a little electricity on the metal in side of the light bulb. Thanks!
  9. B

    Drawing/Image to cover full web screen

    Hi there, I have a couple of questions regarding drawings made in Photoshop by an artist for my website. The Pixel Dimensions are 5451x3809 with Resolution at 300. The artist has no experience in web design so she drew within these dimensions. I need the drawings to cover full web screen of...
  10. Zandoras

    Add a person on a picture

    Hi all, I would like to give my little cousin a personalized gift for christmas so I wondered if someone could add my little cousin on the "Rebel" picture instade of the little kid already on the picture :) My cousin : The "Rebel" picture :
  11. N

    Photo editing of blue fieball

    Hello! Please create a blue fireball and place it above my hand and also can you please add a lens flare to my eyes so that it looks angelic? Please add suitable backgrounds Thank you so much.
  12. T

    Illustrator Newbie question, horizontal transparent lines

    I have text in AI that I need to manipulate with some transparent lines (I think). I have a transparent background, and I have been trying to add the transparent lines on another layer with no luck, I need to add the lines to a bunch of letters so I was hoping to be able to copy and past the...
  13. D

    Could someone help to put a Beard on my photo :)

    Hi I would like someone could help me to add beard on my face :) will be cool
  14. C

    Can anyone add lens blur on my pic?

    pls can someone add lens blur filter like taken from a dslr camera? any other tweaks welcomed. cheers :D
  15. R

    Can someone help add a smile to a pic real fast?

    I need it real quick, I'd appreciate it!
  16. A

    Photoshop business pictures (Amazon/Ebay)

    work finished! close thread.
  17. ZeroCool22

    Match grain/noise on a photomontage, is there a better method?

    A lot of tutorials show how reduce noise, but what i would like to know is the best way to match a noise/grain when u add an object/person to the photo, to make looks like that object/person was there since always. The "ADD NOISE" feature not always give good results, because it's a specific...
  18. U

    How to Edit Empty Text Layer?

    Take a text layer. Delete all the text. How do you select it again to add text to it?
  19. D

    Manipulating a heightmap

    Hello all, I'm in a situation where I need to add something to a monochromatic heightmap. I would like to be able to take a heightmap, draw a line on it and then shade that line based on the shade underneath. The width of the line would be variable and I would like to be able to add or subtract...
  20. D

    Mothers day request!!

    Needing my hand edited out of a picture i am using for a mothers day present please help! New to this i do not know how to add a picture so please message me for it.