1. A

    add audio to a GIF in CS5

    Hi, First time posting so be gentle! I'll try to be as thorough as I can... What do I want from you? I want to add audio to my GIF in CS5 and would like you to tell me how I can do this. Note: I would like to save the GIF including the audio fragment in 1 format. Where did I get stuck...
  2. JakGunn


    Hi, I don't seem to be able to add smiley's to my messages, am I doing something wrong please?
  3. IamSam

    Daily Tutorial #1 Transparent T-Shirt

    I have always stated that I try to do at least one or more tutorials a day. I find that even if I'm mostly familiar with the technique described in the tutorial, I always seem to find one or more things that I did not know. Another self imposed challenge is to alter the tutorial and try to make...
  4. R

    Tips for adding a drop shadow

    Hello, I have an image of a guitar finger board. I wanna add a logo on the actual board, behind the strings. I though of a way, which is to just add the logo, and delete the areas of the logo which overlap with the strings, thus making an effect of having the logo behind the strings. Is there...
  5. Eggy

    3D 3D TubeWorld spacecraft

    Just like Chrisdesign I am a total newbie in PS 3D. The few hours I could spend on exercising made it clear I have a long way to go. Just as an exercise and not willing to use mesh presets I started to 'create' a 3D model of the spacecraft GAIA used in the contest # 32. I had to add the rods on...
  6. G

    How to add more space to an image?

    I've been drawing out a map on a texture image and I've run out of room. I need to add more space on all sides. I'm thinking the only way to do this is to duplicate the texture image and add it to all sides, effectively turning 1 square into 9 squares so I can continue on in any direction. I'm...
  7. B

    Photoshop Request - BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL!!!!

    Hi There Photoshop Maestros (I am not worthy, I am not worthy), My girlfriend is moving into a new house, and as a Christmas present I want to get her a canvas which she can hang above her bed. However, I don't wan't this to be no ordinary canvas. The goal is to create a really over the top...
  8. W

    How to add this same effect ?

    How the give the same effect to body ? same color ? Please Guide me
  9. L

    What they edited in this photo?

    Hi guys, in this photo many things don't add up. It's like the took these things and just add it on the fake blood. Also the light here doesn't seem Right. I think it's a fake blood as well. When I enlarge the photo I see lots of black lines around the blood... Will be glad if you can help me...
  10. Z

    3D Barrett M107 (revisited)

    While looking through my 3D folder during a spring clean, I stumbled upon a very old model I did of a Barrett M107, it was shoddy at best but still held up. I remodelled it using the knowledge I have now, and textured it up, popped it into a little scene on top of a weapon box and rendered...
  11. O

    Adding simple shadow effect to invitation cards

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone can help. I am looking to add a simple shadow to some invitation cards (on the sides) - please see the attached 'invitation card shadow' image to show an example of what I am looking to achieve. The two 'to add shadow files' are the example files that I am...
  12. W

    How to add this effect on normal photo ?xt

    hello, how thispicture is made ? how to add this neon glow effect on a pic ? need a small text tutorial for thisedits
  13. N

    McBride Motorsports Logo

    I was wondering if anyone could do some logo work for me. I lost my computer with all my McBride Motorsports Logo's and Files in a fire. This is the only logo I have left and ss of right now I do not have a website but I am working on getting one up and running again sometime in the future. I...
  14. E

    photoshop text

    what would be the best program for text , i have a photobook in work for my sons golf carreer , the last page will be a list of his tournament results for the year , i want to put gold silver or bronze stars next to his top three finishes , i want the book to be very clear text , problem with...
  15. Zoe Leid

    Request - Adding Text.

    Hello Gurus! A friend requested me to design some logos for her, I did my best, BUT sadly I can't add a text. I need them to say: Circus Fest Thank you very much!!! <3 :*
  16. N

    Merge these 2 photos to look like they belong together

    Hi guys, I like to take statue photography and I want to blend them into real environments but Im not quite sure how to achieve this. I want to add the speeder bike to the woods and add some motion. Any help would be great. I really appreciate this. I have basic photoshop knowledge.
  17. A

    ADD YOUR PHOTO HERE! How do to that?

    Hi All I have recently purchased this Now the template says add your image here, but when i double click nothing happens! Can someone please tell me how i can add an image in that area...
  18. D

    Make an image appear partially inside and partially outside a frame or other shape

    Hi all I am completely new to all of this, and there probably is a thread already, but can you please help me?? How can I add an image in a shape? like this one? I appreciate all help, and sorry if its been shown before. Thank you
  19. pslane

    plug-in's in Photoshop CC 2015

    Hello, I can't figure out how to add my plug-ins to this new version of Photoshop. I went to Preferences/Plug-ins like I usually do and I see no place to add plug-ins. Can I get some help with this, please? I found the Photoshop CC 2015 file folders and in the plug-in's folder, they are all...
  20. S

    how to create animated smoke

    I have picture that I want to add animated smoke on it how can I add this effect? Is there any way to animated existing smoke picture or I should make it from the beginning? can I use existing gif picture and put it on existing one?