1. Raptor.exe

    How do I add a RGB split effect on a gif?

    Hey guys! I have a question, how do I add a RGB split into all frames of a gif? Do I have to go through every frame/layer and add the effect?
  2. F

    geek wanted, add on problem

    Cannot get rid of I set my home page to another but it keeps coming back. It does not show in the add ons. Unlike some other unwanted toolbars, it doesn"t show in the software. It is a nuissance. I asked for advice on the leading computer forum in Belgium but I think they have all...
  3. A

    Is this okay for a beginner/what else can I do to it?

    So, I took this image off of Facebook: And took this photo of my friend: and I made this out of it: How did I do? is there anything else that I could/should do?
  4. D

    Can anyone help me with istructions on how to add text?

    As you can see in the image i posted, I want to type in text and to have no color... For example If i make a white rectangle and I add text to it, I want the text to crop through the white rectangle to see the image behind. I want the text to become invisible. How can I do this? I know it must...
  5. D

    Need help to add effect to font

    Hi all, Newbie to photoshop (4 months or so) but this has stumped me. My wife wants a flier for her class and loves this print her sister has, but i have no idea how to add the shimmer effect around the edges. I've use burn to darken the color on mine, but can't get the broken, shimmery...
  6. T

    add a person to a photo

    ok after playing with this for a few days i am frustrated i can't get the 2nd person added to look like it belongs in the first photo....please advice what to do.....
  7. Paul

    Add to it

    Ok this is our very own senior, lovely bloke. But he needs touching up, i gave him a tigers roar, what can you add to this image that is not in bad taste?
  8. D

    Add weight to people in 9 pictures. For before and after pictures

    I have nine pictures for a weight loss before and after testimonial. I need some one to add a specified amount of weight to the people in the pictures (what ever you think a person of a certain weigh would look like). How much do you think you can do this for? Give me a reasonable price and...
  9. Z

    wondering what to add into this image?

    I'm in the middle of an image and as usual, I lose my train of thought, so I was just wondering if you gurus had any idea of what to add to this image to make it a little more abstracty? I'll upload the PDD file later, the uploader's taking too long, if you want just post a resource and tell me...
  10. H

    how to add contour around image

    I have this ps file that I would like to add a contour around so my vinyl cutter can cut out the decal...Any help of how to do this? Thanks Michael
  11. C

    How to add a shadow / darkness to a face in Photoshop - Help?

    Hi there I know this was done WAAAAAAY before the days of Photoshop and was done using actual lighting, but I'd like to be able to re-create a shadow over the one side of the face using photoshop. Can anyone advise advise the steps how to do it please? I already have my image looking exactly...
  12. T

    Illustrator Does anyone know how to add a certain brush color only to the text in illustrator?

    I was just wondering if anyone knew how to add a brush color just so it only fills up the text, just like using layers like multiply in photoshop. But I want to do it in illustrator. I have a brush with a good texture, that I want only the text to receive, nothing else. Thanks :banghead:
  13. SeniorS

    i must have low IQ but i don't see where to add profile image

    I understand that it have to be simple but i just don't see where. Sorry, can someone point at it?
  14. P

    WhO knows of "LOOK AROUND" add on or something familliar

    I hope u can help!! I have used before a plugin or addon or something in photoshop where you could compile from a bunch of photo's taken from all around an object, a single pic u could look around at by click and drag your mouse and hold that object so you could look from all aspects. if u...