1. N

    Low resolution image to high resolution image help

    Hi, I would like to know any techniques to get low resolution image to high resolution. for example i attached a image below. for this image help me how to enhance it for high resolution image. also i would like it in 1500 * 2000 resolution. I would really appreciate if some one can help me :)
  2. N

    Low-key background banding??

    I am working on a low key image right now. The idea was to cut her out and put some natural almost black background in. But it doesn't seem to be working at all. I guess it's called banding, but how can I gently brush in with a low opacity or use the gradient tool without this horrible effect...
  3. Pipsmom

    Making progress

    After all this time I'm finally improving...Right proud of this even if it was a low quality jpeg After Before 2 days ago
  4. I

    Remove someone from a picture ?

    Hi guys, Just being curious but can any one try to remove the girl on the front of the picture ? Or maybe just the head so I can crop better the picture ? I know It's not going to be easy because of the low resolution or maybe even impossible... Anyway let me know :)
  5. B

    Removing a feeding tube

    Hi all, I haven't posted here in quite some time, but I have a rather personal project that I'd like some advice on. This is a photo of my 17 year old nephew. He had leukemia and GvHD for about 10 years. He passed away in the hospital on Sept 5. We miss him greatly, but we're also happy he's...
  6. M

    After Effects How can I explode a low poly image and reassemble it as another image?

    Looking for a way to explode a low poly image and reassemble it as another image? I'd like each triangle of the image to fly off in a different direction and then come back together as a new image. See attached low poly portrait for an example image.
  7. E

    Illustrator low resolution file

    I used Illustrator 10 to design a logo. I wanted to send it to Staples to be made into a poster. When I download it to Staples it tells me that the logo is a low resolution (less than 200 ppi) and that the finished poster may be fuzzy. How do I increase the resolution in Illustrator before I...
  8. inkpad.t

    new matte painting

    Matte painting of a girl being abandon in a decaying forgotten town, Image is low res, original size and res in signature.
  9. T

    Can Someone Please Remove The Window In This Photo?

    I wanna remove the window so it is the wall instead of the window, I know it may be hard because the photo is low resolution, would really appreciate it if someone can try.
  10. A

    copy and paste illustrator to photoshop

    Hello everyone , I copy pasted illustrator file as smart object in Photoshop to add some layer style. however couldn't find a way except save the file back as PSD and open it in illustrator with low quality. I also tried to do my changes of illustrator file in Photoshop using place...
  11. inkpad.t

    The Assassin

    Thought i would try something new to me. used quite a bit of topaz labs on this to get the effect. Image is low res.... Thanks.
  12. inkpad.t


    Did a painting using both the smudge and the brush tool ( only Photoshop brushes ) Called it the Inca Girl because of the tattoo... Image is very low resolution .
  13. inkpad.t

    Robot Painting

    Hi All.... I did a new painting/artwork completely from scratch using only the built in brushes in Photoshop and one other imported brush. Thought I would do some painting to improve. Image is low resolution... the full size image and res can be seen in the signature... Thank You.
  14. W

    Low Memory Error

    I have a machine with 8 GB RAM, about 40GB of free space on my system/program drive (a SSD unit), and have Photoshop CS 6 set up to page on drive C (although I have 4 rotating drives available with lots of free space). I tried to load a small Photoshop file and got an error message that I was...
  15. L

    Low Contrast Removal

    Hi Guys, Does anyone have any advice on how I can remove this person with her hair intact from the background? Many thanks Lofty
  16. C

    Clipping Path Service at Low Cost

    Removed by Administrator
  17. malyo

    Making vector graphic out of low quality image

    Hello This is my first post out here, i'll try to be constructive: I've got this low res and quality (115x200) image, which is animal shape. It's basicaly one colored (black) with some distracting blue background. I'd like to get the shape out of this image, so i can convert it to vector...
  18. A

    What is the best way to print low resolution photo?

    I've got a black and white historical photo I picked up online of a 9.7 by 7.5 inches old aerial photo of a city when a lot of it was sand dunes at a resolution of 72. Can a reasonable print be made of this and what is the best way to prepare this photo for a good print.The photo also has...
  19. SeniorS

    i must have low IQ but i don't see where to add profile image

    I understand that it have to be simple but i just don't see where. Sorry, can someone point at it?