1. Azulnauta

    Transform picture into drawing

    Hello, is there a way to use this image: and turn into a drawing like this ones? I know its a different and very rectangular type of machine, but.... :)
  2. Azulnauta

    Crop the machine

    Can someone just crop all the background? I only want the machine to work with. link to download:
  3. gedstar

    Free up Windows 10 Disk Space with Compact OS

    This is not PS related but just thought I'd post it for anybody running out of C Drive space on a Windows 10 PC I ran the command on a test machine and was able to claw back 2GB of C Drive space, not a lot considering the price and size of SSD's and Hard Drives these day's but hey every little...
  4. chrisdesign

    3D Money Laundering Machine

    Composite with 3D images from PixelSquid.
  5. R

    Hello quick question

    Hello gurus! I have the cs6 student pack in my laptop. I need to go to school for autoCAD and cannot afford a new machine. If I remove cs6 to install autoCAD 2015, can I still keep the program and install on another machine later? I used my second machine already but it fried and I cannot remove...
  6. D

    Can't get photoshop to record a curve adjustment layer preset.

    I am trying to record an action on a colleague's machine that has a custom curve setting but cant seem to get it to stick as a playable action step. He has one of the new trashcans (Mac Pro) with a system version of 10.9.4 and photoshop version of 2014.2.2. I am able to do it on my machine by...
  7. S

    Your Machine Specs

    As it reads - what is your rig rocking? Do you plan to upgrade? If so, to which parts, or a whole new machine? This is my baby :) Monitors: 27 inch ViewSonic 1080p + 22 inch ViewSonic 1080p in dual config. CPU: Intel Core i7 3820 @ 4.0ghz RAM: 16GB Corsair 1600mhz quad channel config...